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Managing website files using web hosting dashboard may be simple, but many people still prefer FTP clients as the solution to upload or update website files. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and these clients allow you to upload or download a large file or an entire folder easily and efficiently. Unlike what happens with the web UI, you won’t need to deal with dialogue boxes. Another advantage of FTP-based transfers is that they are very secure. FTP clients don’t take a lot of system resources and they are generally small in size. If you are looking for the best FTP clients available, you have come to the right place as we’ll explore the most efficient options available.


Cyberduck is also an open-source FTP client that can be used with major platforms like Windows and macOS. If you are looking for a client that looks well, Cyberduck could be the right choice. It has an appealing interface and it offers support for FTP, OpenStack Swift, SFTP, Amazon S3 and WebDAV. You can also use Google Cloud Storage and Rackspace Cloud Files, which make it an easy solution to manage your sites. It is particularly efficient when it comes to organizing and bookmarking. With Cyberduck, you will be able to browse files easily.


This free multi-platform FTP client is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. It is a powerful solution with a straightforward interface and it supports convenient features.It is ideal for new and professional developers thanks to the vast documentation available. FileZilla works with FTP, FTPS and SFTP, as well as IPv6. The login process is simple and although the appearance is basic when compared to other options available, FileZilla offers the possibility of pausing and resuming while you are uploading large files, a drag-and-drop function and other convenient features.


While this is not a dedicated FTP client, it is a practical solution that can be integrated with Mozilla Firefox browser. It would be ideal for users who prefer not to leave the browser window. At first sight, FireFTP is simply a Firefox add-on, but once you install it, you will discover that it is a feature-rich FTP transfer software that can make things easier for you. You won’t need to open a new window because FireFTP is available in a new Mozilla Firefox tab with all the features needed from a regular FTP software. It works with multiple operating systems and protocols.


This professional FTP client is a good choice for Windows users and it offers professional capabilities. SmartFTP supports FTP, FTPS, Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, WebDAV and more. Apart from allowing you to upload and download files to site, SmartFTP lets you backup and it also supports a variety of advanced and standard features. There is only protocol support for the Professional version. With SmartFTP you also get a text editor and a feature called Visual Compare, which allows you to keep two directories synced. Although it is a paid option, it delivers great performance and professional features.


Free and very practical, WinSCP is another option that is worth considering when it comes to FTP clients. It offers support for SFTP, FTP and WebDAV, but it can only be used on Windows systems. The interface is easy to understand and you can use drag-and-drop file transfer, as well as shortcut icons. In addition, there is a feature called Directory Synchronization that allows you to keep two directories synced. WinSCP comes with a text editor and it supports file editing. With this tool, you will be able to copy files between two computers. It is a tool that will mainly suit developers and those who need secure copying of files.


This is a Mac-only FTP software that offers great quality and a very simple user interface taht is packed with great features. It allows you to transfer files using multiple formats including SFTP and FTP, and it also supports Amazon S3 and WebDAV. The Twin-Turbo engine offers better speeds and with the Multi-Connection support, you can transfer files with stability. The interface is simple and it is possible to set advanced server preferences and other sections. Additional features like built-in editor, favorite button and more, are also available. You can manage crashed/paused transfers and more.

Free FTP

Free FTP is a free version of Direct FTP and it offers solid performance and a simple interface. Free FTP supports a wide variety of formats including SFTP, FTPS and of course, FTP. Since it also works with HTTP, Free FTP is a versatile solution that also does well in terms of security. It also offers support for bookmarks, easy file management through drag-and-drop and you can access all the necessary information in the status bar. The easy to use interface and the overall simplicity and convenience of the tool, make it a good choice for FTP transfers.

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