Best iPad Math Apps for Kids

Math can be challenging and for many children it is the most dreaded subject in school but it doesn’t have to be that way. Using the right learning tools, math can actually be a lot of fun and practicing it can be quite entertaining. Kids love technology and they have become used to it very easily, so why not taking advantage of this to help them to learn math. The iPad is not only a practical solution for business but also a good option to teach children math, thanks to a variety of apps that turn learning into a game. This is a great way to introduce kids to math and to motivate them to advance in their knowledge. Here are some useful apps like Cymath that will make learning an adventure, allowing children to discover how interesting and fun math can be.

Quick Math

Shiny Things delivers an educational app that can boost the math skills of children between 6 and 12 years old, with a series of exercises focused on self-improvement. The challenges are designed to encourage users to keep working on their progress while enjoying a fun and innovative learning method. Its advanced features ensure that children become more confident with their arithmetic and handwriting abilities. It can also develop their problem solving and mental strategies through challenging operations. You can download it for just $1.99.

Doodle Learning Maths

This app from Ninetwentyeight features over 350 games that teach kids about Subtraction, Addition, Multiplication and more. With Doodle Learning Maths, children can create pictures with stunning backgrounds sound effects and stickers. There are educational challenges presented by an amusing bunny that will prompt kids to progress across different levels. This is a great option to combine fun and learning to help children to build up their math skills. You can buy it for $2.99 and since there are no in-app purchases or third party ads, parents can have peace of mind while the kids enjoy this app on iPad.

iTooch Elementary School

This is a comprehensive learning solution that will guide children through Math, Science and Language Arts basic levels in a fun way. The app is based on the US National Common Core Standards and it is designed for children in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. One of the features that make iTooch ideal for learning is its simple, clear and engaging interface. It has a virtual blackboard and a lesson summary attached to each stage. You can get this great app created by eduPad Inc for free and through in-app purchases you can unlock more levels.

Marble Math Junior

Learning and reinforcing basic math concepts will be easy and entertaining for children thanks to Marble Math Junior, an app created by Artgig Studio. There is a wide selection of math problem that can be resolved by rolling or dragging a marble to collect numbers through mazes. It is ideal for children between 5-8 and it keeps them entertained and focused. Multiple player profiles can be set up and you can customize the gameplay according to your children’s leaning needs. As the other apps in the list, this is a convenient option to ensure that children learn while they have fun. It is available for $2.99.

Math Ref App

Math Ref is another fantastic option to make maths more appealing and it is targeted to advanced students. With thousands of formulas, figures and examples that support the learning process in areas like physics, chemistry and of course, math. It features triangle solver, quadratic solver, unite converter and other useful tools. The app was created by Happy Maau Studios and it includes practical search options to find what you need easily and you can also take notes and print equations. It is a convenient, smart and engaging solution to help students with subjects like Algebra, Geometry and it also features categories like Vector Calculus, Integration, Derivatives, Probability and Statistics. It is available for $1.99.

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