Best RSS Readers for Android

After Google Reader came to an end in 2013, many people thought that the days of RSS were also numbered. However, RSS is still around and although it is not as popular as it used to be, there are still good reasons to use it. RSS offers a convenient way to access the latest news and to check updates from your favorite websites and content sources. Thanks to RSS, you can find the stories that interest you in one place, without having to open a lot of different tabs in the browser. It is a practical solution to stay in tune with what is happening and here, you will find the best RSS readers for Android.


It is not possible to make a list of the best RSS reader apps without mentioning Feedly. This is a very popular solution that allows you to add feeds easily and to read your favorite content, no matter where you are. Apart from offering RSS feeds, you can access content from the YouTube Channels you are subscribed to, enjoy your favorite podcasts and much more. In addition, you can find online content that focuses on subjects that interest you. Feedly supports Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, which allows you to share stories without hassle. You can also save content to access it at a later stage, organize collections and much more. Feedly is available for free but there is also a Pro version that offers improved search and additional integration options.


If you are looking for a comprehensive RSS solution, consider Palabre, an app that allows you to get content from RSS feeds, as well as other sources including Twitter, Google News, and options that are included in our list such as Inoreader and Feedly. Features like offline reading, the possibility of extracting full articles such as Readability from RSS feeds and the capacity to sync Feedly, are some of the reasons why Palabre is definitely worth considering. One of the best things about Palabre is that it allows you to select the layout of the app. You can opt for large cards, magazine layout or list mode. Palabre is an open source reader and it supports third party services such as Instapaper and Pocket.


One of the best things about Inoreader is it is sleek, yet simple interface. In addition, this RSS reader offers practical features that will make things easy when it comes to accessing content. You can get stories organized in different categories from popular sources, and it is also possible to add your own sources to keep all the content that interests you in the same place. You can also save pages for a later stage, subscribe to feeds from social networks, monitor news based on specific keywords and more. Inoreader also comes with a fantastic search feature that allows you to go through your archived subscriptions and the stories that you previously liked.

Google Play Newsstand

Apart from being a complete news source, Google Play Newsstand is an app that allows you to add the RSS feeds of your favorite websites, giving you easy access to the latest news and content that interests you. It enables you to access content that interests you and at the same time, it offers the possibility of discovering new content. With Google Play Newstand, it is possible to get access to free and premium content from prestigious sources. It covers multiple categories and you can enjoy stories from magazines, blogs and even videos from a variety of sources. Google Play Newsstand learns your reading habits and it has offline support. You can also bookmark articles.

News Republic

You can access over 1600 trusted news sources with News Republic, another high quality solution for RSS fans. News Republic features fantastic RSS reader features including the possibility of adding custom headlines from your favorite feeds. News Republic also offers support for RSS feeds and it features content from a wide selection of sources that cover different subjects. There is also a social network option that lets you follow users to find out what they are reading. News Republic is a smart app that learns your reading preferences to deliver content that interests you.


gReader is another popular solution when it comes to RSS. If you use Feedly and other options, but want a local RSS reader, gReader is the way to go. It supports Feedly, the traditional RSS reader and the old Reader, a web-based RSS reader. It is possible to sync items among the local reader (the usual one), the Old Reader and Feedly. gReader has a simple but efficient interface that offers features such as notifications, podcasts, offline reading, the possibility to share articles, tag support and more. Third party applications like Pocket and Readability are supported. You can get gReader for free, but there is also a Pro version available, if you want to get rid of the ads.

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