Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge headed to Verizon, world

After doing its best to repair the Galaxy Note 7 for the worldwide market, Samsung has had to concede that the Galaxy Note 7, the most perfect high-end smartphone in smartphone history, is too flawed for repair.

Well, what does the Android giant do when the odds are stacked against it? Heavily push its two perfect phones, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. According to the source, Samsung is upping its marketing campaign with the S7 and S7 edge by bringing a Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge to the market — by way of Verizon first.

The image in the source link below shows a Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge back cover with the usual Verizon logo, suggesting that Big Red customers have a new Galaxy S7 edge color to anticipate in the not-so-far-off future. As the Vietnamese site says, “Galaxy Note7 1 color makes people curious and desire to own the Coral Blue (Blue Coral) is today a member of the mysterious and images of the Galaxy S7 Edge first special color. Accordingly American operator Verizon will deliver the first and perhaps the general market will soon have this unique version.”

Of course, Verizon will get it (since the Verizon logo is shown in the photo), but whether or not the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge makes its way to other American and worldwide carriers is anyone’s guess. The photo only shows phones with the Verizon logo, so we’re left to speculate if other carriers will get to take advantage of this new color.

The Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge is borrowing its color inspiration from the Galaxy Note 7, a phone that will forever go down in history as Samsung’s recall phone due to the fact that its short time on the market has been plagued with not 1 but 2 recalls. Currently, Verizon is requesting that all of its customers power down their Galaxy Note 7s and return them as soon as possible. I have received two notices from Verizon regarding the Note 7 recall, so if you haven’t received yours yet, it’ll arrive eventually.

With the question of returning the Galaxy Note 7 comes a question of what to exchange the Note 7 for at Verizon or any other carrier. The Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge is the best alternative if you want to keep the same color as your Note 7 (if you had a Blue Coral Note 7). Samsung seems intent on helping former Note 7 customers get over their missed productivity phablet as soon as possible.

Verizon customers, would you be interested in picking up a Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge for Black Friday or Christmas? Would it suffice in the place of your Note 7, or are you really missing that S Pen?

Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge


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