Best Camel Camel Camel Alternatives

If you are into online shopping, Camel Camel Camel is the perfect best friend for you. It is a web-based platform which you could use as a tool to assist you in your online shopping experience. It tracks Amazon product prices, provides you alerts and allows you to view the price history charts. This platform is compatible and could be used on multiple platforms such as Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Camel Camel Camel is easy and very simple to use. It in fact does not require any additional installations. All you need to do is to add this site to your browser or subscribe through your email address to get notifications.

This platform website has millions of users and they could access this tool anytime, anywhere they wish to. This site comes with additional features such as:

  • Price drop alerts
  • Availability alerts
  • Twitter notification
  • Registration option
  • Wish list import
  • Product search
  • Available in multiple languages

Though Camel Camel Camel is considered as one of the best Amazon Price Tracker platforms, there are other sites that are similar to it and are worth checking out.

1. Assortify

Assortify is a platform which could help you find products that are in high demand which you could sell with the highest possibility of profitability. This site is perfect for e-commerce business minded people. Assortify is in fact the most comprehensive product research tool that would definitely assist you to promote products.


One of the best Amazon price Tracking app, is the best Amazon price tracking app. This app provides graphs and important information on each product of your interest. It shows all price changes and allows its users to create customized email alerts for price drops. has about 60 million products from US region and other Amazon products that you could track without any limitations.


An all-in-one Amazon price tracker, this site, could save you from paying a full price. This site offers similar services, functions and features like Camel Camel Camel. Through this site, you will be able to compare products of different sellers. Moreover, you will also be able to see a price chart that comes with complete details.

4. Wishlist Manager

This application is one of the leading price trackers of Amazon products. It could track unlimited products and provides alerts whenever there are price drops. This application is free and is compatible with Microsoft Windows. This app is perfect for those who love shopping online.

5. Fetchee

Fetchee is another price tracker wish list app that monitors online stores around the world. Through using this app, you can be assured that you will be able to save. Fetchee provides alerts to its users whenever there is a price drop and sends you relevant coupons that you could use in online shopping.

6. Pricepin

Pricepin allows its users to pin products they want from any shopping website and it would also provide notifications whenever there is a price drop. Its price tracking feature also allows its users to be able to monitor their favorite products on a real-time chart. In addition to all that, this app comes with a wish list features which ensures you will not miss any sale or special discount.

This app is compatible to be used through the Web, Android and iOS.

7. Price Snoop

Another all-in-one Amazon Price Tracking App, Price Snoop is compatible to be used on Mac, Linux and Windows. Through this free platform app, you could pin unlimited products and get notified whenever there are price drops. Aside from that, through this app you will also be able to navigate between two products by just clicking.

8. 6paq

Developed by Oron Adam, 6paq is known to be one of the leading Amazon price tracking applications that could monitor about more than 200 Amazon categories and about more than a million items hourly.

This app is perfect for those who loves shopping as this app ensures you get the best deals for your favorite items. It also allows its users to track unlimited products and provides notifications for price drops.

9. is a perfect tool that provides you the lowest price for any product you wish to purchase. All you have to do is just search once then the site will automatically search all throughout eBay and Amazon shops. It also calculates the average lowest price of the products. is very similar with Camel Camel Camel in terms of its services and features which is the reason why it attracts most of its users.

10. TrendLiker

If you are looking for Amazon price tracker, social discovery and gift inspiration app, Trendliker has it all. It is a web-based app which helps in discovering great products on Amazon. This website also notifies its users if there are products that are on sale.

11. Fiveandtena

A free application, Fiveandtena is a platform that assists its users to track price changes in products found in Amazon. It works an e-commerce website that comes with a huge collection of products and price information that is presented in a chart. It also offers a detailed summary about the products that you are eying and track other competitor products.

12. Savelist

This app is a platform where you could organize, save, shop and discover products of your interest. It also tracks the price of the products you like and will notify you in case there are price drops. Savelist supports sites such as Amazon, eBay, H&M, Toys R Us, Groupon and Burberry. It also allows its users to monitor and track unlimited products.

13. Keepa

If you want an elegant and yet efficient tracker, Keepa is a great alternative for camel camel camel. It is an Amazon Price Tracker that offers similar services as camel camel camel and some new functions. It offers comprehensive price history chart, updates on product database and price drop alerts.


This app allows you to add products of your choice to your watchlist. It also notifies its users whenever the prices drop. Aside from that, this app allows its users to track and monitor all the products that they are interested in.

15. Fluctuate

A price tracker, Fluctate provides product information from websites such as ASOS, eBay, and Amazon. This app also notifies its users when airplane tickets become cheaper.

16. Waatcher

Waatcher is a site that offers help in your shopping online. It offers help for those who shops at Amazon. It in fact provides its users information whenever there are products that are sold at a lesser price. This app is free to use.

17. Yellowbag

You could save by using this site, Yellowbag as it notifies its users of any price drops from any of the products of Amazon, This site is used by millions of users around the world as this site is one of the best sites to track competitors. Yellowbag is highly recommended to Amazon Sellers.

18. PriceCute

PriceCute is another amazing Amazon price tracker specially made for Amazon Sellers. This platform allows its users to track their competitors’ product prices and sends them to its users in a report format. PriceCute is web based which comes with a dashboard that its users could easily access all the features of this app. It also provides its users notifications through email, reports that could be exported to excel, XML and CSV.

19. Mac Buyer’s Guide

Just as what it name says, Max Buyer’s Guide is exclusively made for Apple product users. It offers product summary for each product of Apple. It also includes recommendations on current product cycles and current availability of each model. Through this platform, one could purchase an Apple device at a cheaper price.

20. Bargain Seek

Bargain Seek is an Amazon price tracker that is known to be efficient in providing its users information about product prices and offers price drop notifications. This web based application could be accessed and used anywhere in the world.

Bargain Seek allows its users to monitor Amazon products that they wish to buy and when the price gets to a price that you seek, it will notify you immediately.

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