Best Free Wishlist Apps for iOS and Android

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular and with millions of websites offering clothing, books, jewelry, electronics, unique gadgets and more, there is something for everyone. If you want to give someone the perfect gift, a wish list will help you to find out exactly what they would love to get. With a wishlist, you won’t need to guess or spend hours trying to decide. These great apps will allow you to know what will make your friends and family jump with joy when they unwrap their presents. The wishlists apps that we have selected, give users the chance to create a list of the items that they really want. These apps will make your Christmas shopping easier and will also be handy for special occasions like birthdays and weddings.

Listery – Wishlist & Gift List #1 is the simplest and best way to get what you need from your gift list. Your friends and family will always know what you really want for your wedding, birthday, Christmas, baby shower and more. No more disappointments, re-gifts or returns. Ever!
100% actual presents. Create the list desires, share your wishes, with your friends, recive only what you want. Download for free in the AppStore or PlayMarket now.
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Giftster – Wish List Registry

Now you won’t need to try to spend hours buying presents and will always be able to buy something that your loved ones really want, thanks to Giftster. The app gives you the possibility of creating gift registries for birthdays, baby showers, holidays, weddings and more. You can add items easily from any websites and invite your friends and family to join a private gift idea sharing group. Gifster also makes Secret Santa easier because you can create a draw and add it to your group so that you know what gift you can get, without having to ask anyone else.

google-play apple-store is a well-established gift registry website and it now offers an iOS app that also allows users to add items from any online shop or store to create a gift list. RightGift stands out for offering an extensive product barcode database that gives you a lot of versatility to create your own wish list, or to but a gift for someone. When you scan an item in a shop, the app will give you a list of prices from different stores. It is very practical and simple.



MonkeyWish is a unique social network that focuses on gift ideas. This smart solution offers a curated list of gift ideas based on personal interests. You won’t need to ask your friends and family what they want because there is a live streaming feed that gives you access to their wish lists. You can add items from any store and it is even possible to scan a barcode, or upload a photo of what you want. MonkeyWish makes wishlists and gift registry simple and fun.


Gift List Manager

With Gift List Manager by Garland Systems, Android users will be able to create and manage shopping lists easily and effectively. The app is ideal for holidays and special events when you need to find a present that is really loved by the recipient. You can organize and review your spending budget, organize people into groups and see a full list of the people you need to keep in mind throughout the year and the special occasions when you need to buy a present. It is also an effective shopping list that allows you to keep track of your purchases.



WishMindr from Wrightlabs allows you to create and share wish lists easily, saving you a lot of time and hassle when you need to buy a gift for someone special. It is possible to add items from any website since the app works as a universal gift registry. Lists can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email and more. To keep track of what items were already chosen, they can be marked as purchased so you will know that you need to get something else. WishMindr will allow you to manage shopping lists and it is ideal for anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions.

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Wish list: Shopping buddywish list

Created by Cubeactive, this app focuses on offering a simple solution to manage your wishlist and ensure that it includes all the items that you want to get. It is a practical solution for managing the list of items that you need to buy when you are out shopping and it lets you keep track of your expenses. You can also create a gift list that can be shared with your friends and family. The items can be organized by category, price or importance.



Giftry allows you to find the right gift for any occasion in an easy way. You can add gift ideas from any online store instantly and then share them with friends and family. The items can be marked as purchased to avoid repeated gifts. With Giftry, you will really make someone else’s day by giving them a present that they really like. Apart from adding gift ideas from the web, you can take pictures of items from local shops and add them to your list.

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Gift It – Christmas Shopping List & Countdown App

Switchback Media offers a unique app that will make Christmas shopping fun and easy, You can create lists and keep track of the gifts for family and friends. It helps you to plan your holiday shopping effectively, making sure that you are prepared and that you can avoid queues and the stress of last minute shopping. You can create Christmas lists easily and look forward to the gift season, knowing that the app will help you to get the right gifts for your loved ones.


Wishlist MyWishBoard

This is an efficient way to create your wish list within a few minutes. The app works with popular social media networks and lets you share with friends and family your lists, so that they know what you really want. The app allows you to create wish lists, adding photos and descriptions. The lists can be shared via social media and you can also check the lists created by your friends and family to find the right present for them.


Wish Explorer

Thanks to Wish Explorer, you will be able to get a gift that really meet the expectations of someone special. You can take notes of gift ideas, organize them and share them with your friends. It allows you to manage your lists in a simple and neat way, making sure that you receive presents that you really wished for and that you can make your loved ones wishes come true as well.

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