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Preparation is crucial for a presentation, but apart from knowing the subject and being ready to answer any questions that may rise, you need to have all the tools that will ensure that your audience is engaged. Speaking clearly and using the right gestures are important factors, but in order to keep everyone in the room focused on your slideshow and drive attention to a specific part of it, you can rely on a laser pointer. There are many laser pointers and wireless presenters that will help you to highlight important parts of your presentation.

Logitech Wireless Presenter R400

Logitech is known for creating innovative and advanced solutions for different purposes. It combines a superb laser point and a smart wireless presenter. It is very easy to use and will make things simple while you are delivering a presentation. It has a range of up to 50 ft so you can easily move around during your presentation and continue pointing out an important section. You won’t need to install any additional software to manage your slideshow presentation using the wireless presenter R400. All you have to do is to plug it into the receiver and switch it on.

Quartet Wireless Remote & Laser Pointer

With its slim and lightweight design, the Quartet Wireless Remote & Laser Pointer is another practical pen-style slideshow presenter that you can consider. It only requires one AAA battery and it will allow you to manage your presentation seamlessly. You can go go through the slides and turn on the laser pointer when needed. Given its pen-style design, the device has a receiver kept with the pointer so it can be easily carried anywhere you go. The Quartet Wireless Remote & Laser Pointer works well and it is easy to use.

Kensington Wireless Presenter

This is a highly portable solution that combines a laser pointer and a wireless presenter. The Kensington Wireless Presenter has a receiver that can be detached and connected during the presentation and while it is not in use, it is possible to keep the adapter within the presenter. The design is practical and it is suitable for different situations. It has a range of 60 ft and it works with two AAA batteries, so it is not too heavy. If you are looking for a small, yet powerful solution, the Kensington Wireless Presenter won’t disappoint you.

Linkte Red Laser Wireless Control

Ease of use and convenience are two of the main reasons to go for this laser pointer and presentation controller. The Linkte Red Laser Wireless Control is not only affordable and effective, it is also light and comfortable. It offers a range of up to 10 meters, which is over 30 feet. While it is not as high as what other devices offer, it would be good enough for most cases. The Linkte Red Laser Wireless Control works with one AAA battery and you it fits perfectly on your hand.

Satechi SP600 Smart-Pointer

If you want the functionality of a laser pointer, a mouse and a wireless presenter in one, try Satechi SP600 Smart-Pointer. This professional device offers a compact size and it is lightweight so you can easily manage it to go through your presentation’s slides. It works with two AAA batteries and it has a range of 100 ft, which is quite impressive. You can download a Smart Key Map to unlock additional functions to get more out of the controller. It is available for a very convenient price.

Inateck Wireless Presentation Control

Professional, convenient and versatile, the Inateck Wireless Presentation control has a range of 66 ft, which gives you enough space to move around during a presentation. It enables you to move up and down between the slides and there is also a button to control the laser pointer. Inateck will be suitable for professionals, teachers and students who need to have greater control over their slideshows. Given its plug and play capacity, it is ready to use, without any installation required.

DreamB 4-in-1 Pointer

Although it is not a wireless presentation controller, the DreamB 4-in-1 Pointer works as a stylus, pen and flashlight. This laser point is an ideal solution for multiple tasks, including acting as a laser pointer to help you highlight sections on your slideshow. It requires three batteries to work, but it is very powerful and its pen-style design makes it easy to hold. The DreamB 4-in-1 Pointer offers versatility, comfort and good performance.


This is another combination of laser pointer and presentation controller and it stands out thanks to its practical design. It is a perfect solution for businesses and professional users, thanks to its powerful performance and stylish design. It looks just like a pen and it only has three buttons so using it is very easy. You can move up and down the page and manage the laser pointer. The USB received can be detached from the presentation controller. The INFINITER LR16R is also plug and play, meaning that it is ready to use, without any installation required.

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