Google issues November security update for Nexus devices

Remember Google’s promise to issue security updates each month? HTC has refrained from even committing to the promise that Google has made, but Google is keeping its word. The search engine is preparing to release the upcoming security update in a few days, but the information we have right now shows that the security update for Nexus devices is a necessary and relevant one, not just an update to squash bugs.

Seven code vulnerabilities will be patched up with the November security update: remote code execution vulnerabilities in mediaserver, remote code execution vulnerability in libutils, information disclosure vulnerabilities in mediaserver, and elevation of privilege vulnerability in libstagefright, libmedia, Bluetooth, and Telephony. If you paid attention to the list of vulnerabilities just mentioned, you’ll see that “libstagefright” does highlight the recent stagefright vulnerability that has had everyone nervous, including Google, which motivated the mobile giant to release security updates as a result. The remote code execution vulnerabilities would allow a hacker to do whatever with your device, even when the individual was at a significant distance away – without you ever being able to trace who or what controlled your device.

As can be seen, the monthly security updates show that Google’s decision to get down to business and remove these vulnerabilities indicates a real threat for Android devices. At the same time, however, it is the case that often, few Android smartphones experience remote code executions, with few hackers caring to gain access to the device of someone who has little significance to them. One can never be too careful, though, as most individuals use public Wi-Fi networks – internet connections that are unsecure and can prove dangerous if in the wrong hands of hackers.


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