Really Blue Google Pixel color US exclusive

Google unveiled three colors for its new Google Pixel phones on Tuesday: Quite Black, Very Silver, and Really Blue, color names that are bound to get people talking (even if they do sound a little “too” unique and weird). Well, now that the Google Pixel phones are out and about, it seems as though only US residents will get access to the Really Blue Google Pixel color.

The Really Blue Google Pixel will be a US exclusive, as is also the case with the new Daydream View VR headset that is free for US buyers when they purchase a new Google Pixel phone over the next few weeks. Again, this deal is only for US customers, as Google seems intent on winning the war in America in mobile with an attack on Apple’s fellow home turf. Those who live elsewhere and want this new color that doesn’t seem as trite as the black and silver options are out of luck.

The Really Blue Google Pixel color looks like a dark blue/purple, which doesn’t seem as blue as I was expecting (at least on screenshots and in press photos). Of course, keep in mind that Samsung has released a Blue Coral (an Electric Blue model) that has caught the eye of even Samsung’s most vicious critics, and that we have an idea where Google drew its inspiration for this supposedly “blue” color that doesn’t look blue enough in my opinion.

We don’t know if Google will bring this color worldwide, so we can only affirm what we know for now. As for the colors themselves, Google wanted to be a bit playful with the colors but failed when it comes to originality. “Very Silver,” “Really Blue,” and “Quite Black” are just ways of saying “Deep Black,” “Deep Blue,” and Deep Silver. “Very,” “Quite,” and “Very” are, essentially, the same thing (they’re synonyms) and don’t mean much in this color context. I realize that Google wanted to be original and do its own thing with regard to colors (since this is the company behind the word game on its own search engine; Google named its conglomerate “Alphabet” for this reason, too), but the names themselves will quickly be forgotten. The search engine giant placed a lot of effort into naming these, but I’m not sure “Pixel” as a phone moniker will catch on, nor am I sure that this phone presents anything new over what the Nexus lineup offered. Google Assistant is a rebranded Google Now, but Google Now was just fine as it was; it didn’t need a major overhaul.

Well, for what it’s worth, if you’re an American, congrats: you can pick up the Really Blue Google Pixel phones. Just remember that you’ll pay $649 outright or $27 per month with Verizon Wireless if you’re a customer. If you’re not (and you don’t need service from other CDMA carriers), then you can purchase the device from the Google Store to use on AT&T and T-Mobile networks in both 32GB and 128GB storage configurations.


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