Do you really need a specialist gaming phone?

One of the most common ways people fight off boredom these days is by firing up a mobile game in seconds and enjoying a gaming session for a short while. Gaming has always been a favored choice for many, although the portable nature of smartphone gaming means that it is now a viable option for even more people in 2023. But is it worth snapping up a specialist gaming phone to experience mobile gaming in its best form? 

Gaming phones have become far more common since the rise of smartphone gaming. As more manufacturers witness the growth in this emerging category of gaming, more of them want a piece of the pie. As such, reputable names in the space have released gaming phones that come packed with a range of features that are said to improve the overall gaming package on a portable handheld device. While this is true in some instances, and certain games can be enhanced with the purchase of a gaming phone, not all mobile gamers need one. Here’s why below. 

Gaming phones aren’t cheap 

For starters, gaming phones require a fairly large investment. Whether you’re usually playing free downloadable games in the App Store or you prefer browser products like the very popular Book of Dead slot game by Play N’GO, a regular smartphone device possesses more than enough power to handle titles of this type. With most products in the space optimized for mobile, spending vast sums of money on devices like the ROG Phone 6 Pro is more of a luxury than a necessity. Of course, gaming phones do offer some impressive features, such as triggers for certain releases and advanced chipsets, but unless you’re spending huge sums of money on downloading games and purchasing accessories, then it doesn’t really make sense to enjoy free games on a device that costs hundreds. Additionally, innovation has led to more sophisticated smartphones these days anyway, meaning that devices from the likes of Apple and Samsung more than suffice. 

Gaming phones are often ugly and not practically built 

Another key reason why purchasing a specialist gaming phone isn’t a necessity is simply due to the fact that many of the leading devices on the market today aren’t geared towards anything other than gaming. After all, the vast majority of smartphone users utilize their devices for an extensive selection of different reasons, from taking pictures to sending emails. Many gaming phones on the market almost seem to neglect that fact by offering a great gaming experience, but they fail in other areas, perhaps through a bad all-round design or simply by being too hard to use. Most manufacturers of gaming phones are keen to add features like color-changing LEDs and beefier batteries, only for the design and the practicality of a device to be compromised as a result. Sure, gaming on a specialist gaming smartphone has its benefits, but seeing as most of us use our smartphones for reasons other than gaming, snapping up a gaming phone is not always a viable option. 

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There is a distinct lack of support

Phones can be temperamental at times, it’s just how technology is. With gaming phones now emerging but still essentially being labeled as niche products, should you encounter any issues with your device, then it can be tough to get the support you need when compared to more mainstream models. Additionally, game developers don’t optimize their products specifically for these types of devices, meaning that any bugs in certain titles or software and hardware issues with a gaming phone aren’t as easy to fix compared to the more popular devices from brands like Apple. 

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