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We recently ran a story about a potential Galaxy Note 4 reveal coming in September.  Well, it seems as though that rumor has gained some credibility as a new set of pictures recently leaked online seems to show the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from various angles. The pictures that leaked online show the Galaxy Note 4 front and back and several prominent features are readily apparent. If the pictures prove to be authentic they almost certainly provide a good idea of what the device’s final design will look like. The front of the device is almost the same as the Galaxy Note 3 but the back and the sides of the device look to have a new design and feel compared to the older models.

There is not much change on the face of the device as Samsung is apparently retaining the former design with the trademark central home screen button. The bezels around the screen also look a bit thinner than before. The interesting thing to see in the photos is the back of the Galaxy Note 4 where Samsung has retained the same leather-like texture of the Galaxy Note 3 and used plastic for the back casing of the mobile. The sides, however, closely resemble the Samsung Galaxy Alpha which is yet to be announced. The sides are seemingly made of metal, as previous rumors suggested. This will address one of the major criticisms of the Galaxy line which is the apparent flimsiness of  plastic build they all feature.  The S Pen is on one side of the phone along with the speaker area while the microUSB 3.0 port is located at the bottom center of the phone, right below the home button.

On the back, it looks like there is a hear rate monitor alongside the camera lens though it is still unclear what function it will perform; one would think it will tie in to Galaxy gear somehow. Although there is still no confirmation on the final screen; the new Galaxy Note 4 is expected to at least match the 5.7 inches of it’s predecessor and feature a substantial upgrade at screen resolution where 2K resolution (2560 x 1440) is expected.

Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be launched at the Samsung IFA event that is scheduled to take place on September 3 and should be available for the market by September 15. There is still no word regarding the expected price point for the Galaxy Note 4 but it’s expected to be within the range of the Note 3.

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source: Gsmarena

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