Samsung announced Galaxy Note Edge with curved edge from one side

Interesting things are happening at the IFA event this year with majority of the tech giants focusing on introducing their wearable products, Samsung has also introduced a new smartphone that puts Samsung back to where it belonged in terms of brand respect. The company introduced a new Galaxy Note Edge with curved display from one side of the screen.

Galaxy Note Edge is almost identical to the Galaxy Note 4 which was also announced today, but the curved right edge of the screen provides Galaxy Note Edge a whole new perspective. The curved part of the screen has its own functions and controls that act complete independent from the content shown on the rest of the screen.

The curved edge contains quickly accessed functions like app shortcuts, notifications, messages preview etc. One major advantage of this curved edge is that user can interact with any sort of notification without leaving the actual window that is opened on the main screen.

The curved edge not only provides easy access to apps and notifications, it also acts as a holder for camera control buttons, menu bar control buttons for an app (that is specifically designed for this display) and an date/time display while the phone display is off.

Users can also reject or accepts calls, keep track of social messages and stuff like that right from the curved edge. Even though some people were okay with the normal display showing everything they need but for some people out there, this curved display could really mean a lot to them.

For example, a little scenario where people can find this curved display handy is when they are lying on the bed and wants to respond to some call or message or a notification, they can do so without using the whole screen or picking up the device. Instead, they can just see it on the curved side of the screen that is in front of them and perform the required operation.

Galaxy Note Edge features a 5.6 inch 1080p screen, 3,000mAh battery and is available in 32GB and 64GB variants. Samsung will soon release the SDK specifically designed for such display and will also release other details about the device soon.

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