Remove Carrier Apps And Bloatware From Your Device with Debloater

If you’re anything like me you really have no use for most of the apps that come preinstalled on your device. They eat up space, memory and generally are just a nuisance. In my case, Sprint has a very intrusive application marketed as a “way to customize your device” called Sprint ID. This application is given system level privileges, meaning it can’t be uninstalled without root permissions, and scans your device for Sprint’s applications upon startup. If you’ve removed Sprint’s Nascar, NBA, TV or Music apps, when your device restarts this application will automatically reinstall them. Thanks, Sprint, if I wanted a bunch of persistent, useless apps I would have bought an iPhone…

Rooted users will have no problem removing these apps (or freezing them with Titanium Backup), but what about un-rooted users? Until recently there hasn’t been a reliable way of removing the bloatware without being rooted.

XDA Recognized Developer Gatesjunior has solved this problem with his Debloater program. With no need to have a rooted device, all that’s required is a Windows Operating System, Developer Options and USB Debugging enabled on your device, and Kit-Kat running on your device.

*(It should be noted that if you are not running Kit-Kat (Android 5.0+) your device must be rooted)

What does it do?:
• Block / Disable applications on your device
• UnBlock / Enable applications on your device
• Allow UnBlock / Enable all applications at once on your device
• Allows filtering of the displayed packages for quicker decision making
• Allows exporting your blocked / unblocked listing to a file (Right click on Read Device Packages after list is loaded)
• Allows importing your blocked, or someone else’s, listing (Right click on Read Device Packages after list is loaded)
• Allows complete removal of application(s) if you have root (It will backup the original folder structure and apk for you, just in case you need to restore the application(s) back to your device. – Source Link : XDA-Developers

The operation of this program is simple, enable USB debugging via Developer Options, plug in your device and run the program. Once the program is running, it’s one click to list the apps on your device and you’re free to pick and choose what to keep and what to remove.

Removal of the carrier and other unwanted applications will speed up your device, free up memory and storage space and secure your device against Carrier IQ in some cases. So why not head on over and see what you can remove from your device?

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