Galaxy Note 5 photos leak, show every angle

We know that the Galaxy Note 5 is headed to Verizon, and Costco will sell the new device, but we’ve been teased with very few photos of the new device. Of course, we’ve seen the front display of the device, and some photos of the back cover that have left us in the dark. With placeholders abounding, consumers have been asking: “will Samsung stick with the microSD card or abandon it?” Apart from a Reddit user who says he’s had some hands-on time with the devices, there’s been little to confirm either way. The Sprint and Jarir Bookstore placeholders haven’t helped the matter.

A Reddit user (whether the same as the one mentioned above or a new one) has finally gotten some hands-on time with the device. And, with that hands-on time, he has decided to leak photos. Going by the username joelrtaveras, the user answered a few questions about the Galaxy Note 5. One of the questions asked concerned the battery – whether or not it would be a 4,100mAh battery (rumored for the device) or the same 3,220mAh battery as that found in the Galaxy Note 5. The user said that he didn’t know, but he did know that the back cover of the Galaxy Note 5 is non-removable, which means that there’ll be no removable battery or microSD card slot on the Galaxy Note 5 this year (a break from the long-standing tradition with the Note series).

To back up his claims, the user posted pics of the new devices. Some of the pics show the Galaxy Note 5 beside an iPhone 6 Plus in a retail store of some kind (with a pair of shoes hinting that Joel, if that’s his name, was behind someone in line or in the room), with the guess likely being a store similar to Best Buy or a basic electronics store. “Joel” may have leaked the device via photos with the store background so as to throw off his identity. After all, if a device leaks in a public place, anyone could be responsible for the photo leaks.

The Galaxy Note 5 mimics the design language of the Galaxy S6, with back cover being wrapped in Gorilla Glass 4, as is the case with the display on the front side. Sure enough, there is no way to open the back cover, which means that Note faithful holding out hope for a microSD card slot can now face the music and either dance or sit this one out. The Galaxy Note 5 specs are as follows (taken from the back of the leaked box): 4G LTE, 64-bit octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 5.7-inch, Quad HD Super AMOLED display, 16MP back camera with optical image stabilization (OIS), 5MP front camera, in-built wireless charging (charging pad required; sold separately), KNOX protected, and 32GB of storage.

With that said, however, Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 5 on Thursday, August 13th, so we won’t have to wait too much longer to see the phone up-close and personal. We’re glad these photos leaked, but we hate it when the leakster(s) can’t provide much additional information.


Galaxy Note 5Galaxy Note 5 box back cover

Galaxy Note 5 topGalaxy Note 5 back cover

Galaxy Note 5 back camera Galaxy Note 5 top and back


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