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Having and taking care of a garden in your home is not as easy as it seems. Plants- vegetables, flowers and the like need time, effort and attention. What is more challenging about having a garden is not having too much space. Hence, you will need to plan how to maximize your gardening space and which type you could and would like to plant. To do this without any hassles, it is better and we highly recommend that you use a garden-planning-software. Through this tool, you will be able to build your own dream garden without any problems.

If you are planning to have vegetable trees or fruit trees or flower trees and you would like to make your garden look good and beautiful, all you have to do is to properly plan. Through the use of a garden visualizer software, you will not have a hard time anymore visualizing on how your garden will look like. However, with numerous garden design software, it is difficult to decide which one would best suit you. But, fret not, as through this article, we will feature the best garden planning software which you could explore, try and choose from.

Best Garden Planning Software:

1. Better Homes and Gardens’ Plan-A-Garden

If you wish to have a 3D looking plan of your garden, Better Homes and Gardens’ Plan-A-Garden is the best software to use. This software comes with a wizard which assists its users in choosing different elements that you would like to include in your garden. These elements include fences, brick pathway, aisles, plants and many more.

At all times, you will be able to view your garden plan in 3D. This way, you will be able to implement your productivity and your ideal look for your garden in a more real looking view. In addition to that, this software also comes with garden planner template ideas which is very helpful in designing and providing the ambiance of your garden.

As for the downside of this software, the only thing that we see is it will not provide you a location in view of your garden, hence, this means, if you wish to see your garden in another view or in another angle, you will not be able to do so.

Better Homes and Gardens’ Plan-A-Garden allows you to save all the modifications you have made online. This means, you will always be able to go back to your plan and go back to where you left off.

2. Kitchen Garden Planner

If you wish to have your own Kitchen Garden, then this software is perfect for you. It is suitable to be used on both personal and commercial use. It offers 26 options for its free version and if

you will be using this software for commercial use, it is highly recommended to subscribe to its paid version.

Using this software is easy and simple. All you have to do is choose an area for your garden and start dragging, dropping and placing your favorite plants and trees. Once you are done designing your garden, you will be able to print and even have the option to share it to your family and friends visa email. This software also allows you to view your work in 3D. Aside from that, you will also be able to view your work in bird’s eye view and print your work in either 3D or birds eye view angle.

3. Vegetable Garden Planner Software

This software is amazing in terms of planning for your vegetable garden. It provides you a spreadsheet like experience which allows you to design your own garden.

Its interface is simple with block design where you will be allowed to just insert the number of fruit and vegetable trees you would like to plant and drag and drop it on the area you would wish to place your trees.

This software comes with a cost but you could use its 7- day trial period where you could see and check if this software works for you.

Vegetable Garden Planner Software is web-based and does not require to be downloaded. It offers extra features which will allow you to create your own real-like garden.

4. Online Garden Planner at

Online Garden Planner is a full-fledged garden planning software. It is offered for free. This means, you will be able to evaluate and check this software’s features and functions for free and check if it is the best one that will suit your needs and taste. If you think this software is worth investing on, you will be able to get its full version for a fee.

This software comes with a 2D interface and allows you to view your work in bird’s eye view. Aside from that, you will also be able to customize your work and change the colors of your elements within your garden.

The only downside of this software is you cannot save the progress of your work online. Hence, you will need to finish your work in one sitting.

5. Smart Gardener

Smart Gardener is one of the best vegetable garden software which provides one of the best garden layout. If you are looking for a software that provides you a professional experience, Smart Gardener is your best bet. However, if you are a novice in garden planning, this software is not for you. Smart Gardener does not have a free version and to experience the software, you will need to spend a few bucks. Though that is the case, this software is worth investing in. Its interface is packed with amazing and numerous features and resources.

Through this software, you will be able to use different kinds of soil and plant different types of vegetables and trees. In fact, there are about 3000 types of plants available in this software. Aside from that, this software also offers helpful gardening tips which you could follow in order for you to have a beautiful and healthy garden. Smart Gardener also comes with a mobile version and allows you to show and share your creation and plan to your friends and colleagues.

6. Gardena’s My Garden

Gardena’s My Garden offers a bird’s eye view of your plan and it provides you details that would make your garden not only look beautiful but also safe. In this software, you will be able to change your landscape, drag and drop plants, put in concrete blocks and many other more elements. You could even add a pond if your area space allows it. Your work in this software could be saved and printed. It is a web-based. Hence any type of OS you are using will not be a problem.

7. Marshalls Garden Visualizer

Marshalls Garden Visualizer offers a view in 3D. It will show you how your garden will look like in real life. Through this software, you will be able to configure everything according to your taste and requirements.

This software could be found on the internet and it offers all the elements that you will need. Moreover, and aside from that, what’s amazing about this program is it allows you to view your garden in all possible angles.


The featured above garden planning software and applications are the best among the rest that you will find in the market. Though most of them are offered with a cost, they are worthy investments. Moreover, these paid software and applications come with extra useful features and facilities that you will definitely find useful and you will also definitely not regret paying for.

If you wish to just play and is not that serious with gardening, then, we highly suggest to check out farming apps and games in Google Play. FarmVille, Hay Day and Let’s Farm are just a few amazing games which we could assure you will love and enjoy.

We hope that through this article, we were able to help and give you adequate information about garden planning software and applications that will help you create and develop your own home garden.

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