Google Adding Real-Time Translation To Translation App

According to the New York Times, Google is planning on introducing a new feature to its mobile translate app that will enable real-time detection and translation of foreign languages as user types in or uses the voice command to say the text to be translated.

Google translate, which already supports about 80 languages, was upgraded to support additional 10 languages, bringing total supported languages to 90. The support update for more languages could be due to this new feature that Google is planning to introduce soon though it is not confirmed whether the new feature will fully support the translation of all 90 languages supported.

According to the report, the best guess is that the app will support a handful of languages after the update with the support for rest of the languages to be included in the future updates.

Another interesting thing that is reported about the app is that it will reportedly have the ability to translate foreign signs or foreign languages written at different places using a camera. This means that if there’s a road sign or an instructions page, a user can quickly take out their device, open the Google translate app and use camera to allow the app to translate it in local language. There is no exact timeline given for the inclusion of this feature but it is said that all devices running the current Google Translate version will be able to use the feature.

Google Translate app has been installed on more than 100 million Android devices, majority of which will receive the upgrade when it will be launched.

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