Google Pixel promo separates the pose and photo

The Google Pixel phones are soon to arrive by month’s end for many customers in the US, and they seem to be having their share of success. Word has it that the Google Pixel phones can’t be found anywhere in the Google Store now, having gone “out of stock” with no sign or word as to when they’ll return. Most consumers distrust Verizon with fast updates and decided to pick theirs up from the Google Store instead, but with Verizon Google Pixel phones getting updates as fast as unlocked models, it appears as though Verizon has become the new refuge for customers who still want Google’s latest. The new Pixel promo adds to the hype.

Google has been advertising hard for the new phones, and the latest commercial shows that the Google Pixel separates the pose and the photo. A poodle is in the picture, but you can’t make sense of the poodle and its pose until the entire picture unfolds. Google has titled the Google Pixel promo “Pose by you, Phone by Google” to show that you need only pose for the photo and the Google Pixel does the rest.

It’s not a bad promo, but any phone commercial by any manufacturer could say essentially the same thing. Perhaps it helps that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL have received the highest mobile photography score at DxOMark, but still, there are a number of Samsung Galaxy smartphones from 2016 (Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and S7 Active) that can still hang at the very top — if not rival the Pixels.

Take a look at the Pixel promo below, then let us know what you think. Are you looking into picking up the Google Pixel?


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