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How to check a used iPhone before buying

Buying a second-hand iPhone, like any purchase and sale transaction, has positive aspects, the main one being the low cost of the expensive device. But if you approach the process not seriously and not consciously, then the risk of such a purchase can outweigh any benefit. Unscrupulous sellers (scammers) have always been and always will be. There are many ways to cheat – buying an earlier model than the seller specifies, the default of features that do not work, the installation of cheap Chinese parts, etc.

There are a number of ways to avoid buying low-quality goods. Firstly you need to study carefully all the parameters that need to be clarified when buying a mobile device or ask for professional help. Moreover, you should keep in mind that you can independently verify only the documentary and external factors, to clarify the technical components is possible only with specialized equipment. To avoid falling for the tricks of an unscrupulous seller, not to buy an initially low-quality smartphone, we suggest using a special service store gadgetpickup – check iPhone before buying or selling.

The dangers of buying an iPhone from hand:

  1. High wear and tear of the main modules;
  2. iPhone has been in the water;
  3. Multiple repairs;
  4. Installation of cheap low-quality parts;
  5. Buying reconditioned equipment.

Thus, having bought an iPhone cheaper, you can get a “gift”, the restoration of which will require much more money. In the worst case, you will simply waste your money aimlessly. Beforehand, you can conduct a visual inspection of the smartphone and check the compliance of its serial number and model on the official Apple website. Technical checks should preferably be entrusted to professionals.

Serial number and IMEI

Specialists of our service center will hold a complete diagnosis of the device, to reliably answer the questions: whether your iPhone was repaired, whether it was unauthorized opening, what quality parts were installed in the repair, whether the smartphone was flooded with water or not. Diagnostics is carried out visually and with the help of specialized equipment. Testing is carried out on a number of parameters, each module is checked for functionality.

What the inspection includes:

Internal testing of each component of the mobile device. Checking the smartphone for possible opening, the likelihood of repair. Identification of replaced parts (if any), checking their quality.

Checking for possible water ingress which may have caused conductive liquids to get inside the iPhone, traces of corrosion and oxidation of contacts.

Testing of motherboard elements, integrity and quality of microchips. Quality of the system operation, compliance with norms or deviation in different modes.

Checking the availability of the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Service engineers of our company are highly qualified and experienced in working with Apple equipment. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that your iPhone when checked will not receive additional damage. We will return your iPhone in the condition you received it. Based on the test results, the customer receives a full report on the technical condition of the iPhone:

  1. The originality of parts;
  2. Presence or absence of hidden defects;
  3. Capacity of modules, especially the battery;
  4. The need to replace the components;
  5. Additional information about the characteristics of your smartphone.

In addition, our staff will prompt a sequence of necessary actions that you should pay special attention to, if you decide to buy an iPhone handheld. Buying an iPhone by hand is a responsible business, a preliminary professional check is the best insurance.

How Apple’s sale-purchase service works

The first thing is to make an application on the company’s website. After confirming the request you will be offered an approximate price based on the technical condition. Then you will send us your device for further inspection for the technical condition you have described. We will provide you with a USP/USPS shipping label free of charge. After the smartphone inspection, you will be informed of the final price of the smartphone. You can always refuse if you are not satisfied with the offered price. In that case, the company will send you back your smartphone.


To sum up, I want to briefly describe what you need to check before buying an iPhone:

  • The battery

You check the condition of the battery, the percentage of wear and tear and the serviceability of the iPhone, as the performance of the entire system depends on the battery.

  • Checking the cameras, microphones.

Open the “camera” application, check the quality of the front and main cameras. Open the “voice recorder” app and test the quality of the recording.

  • Checking the display 

It’s best to leave the testing to professionals if you know how to distinguish the original display from the Chinese.

  • Test the processor for multitasking.

This is to find out if the processor is serviceable and has not been changed. In the tests, the temperature of the processor should not be higher than 80 degrees (at idle 40-60 degrees).

These are not all of the processes that should ideally be performed before buying. It’s just that most of the tests are done by experts and at home without special equipment, it is almost impossible to do. I hope I have shed some light on the question “How to test an iPhone before buying”. Be careful and if you can’t do the analysis – trust the professionals to do it. I wish you luck!

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