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Best Nova Launcher Themes and Icon Pack

Nova is one of the favorite options for Android users who want a launcher that helps them to personalize their experience with their device. Thanks to its simplicity and the variety of customization options that it offers, it is considered by many as the best android launcher out there. The Nova Launcher 5 offers features like Quick Start, which allows you to set the majority of standard settings when the launcher is installed.

If you use Nova Launcher, you can check this list of themes created by Nova Launcher fans. These options combine different themes, wallpapers and icon packs. The wallpaper, icon pack and additional external links can be used to make similar themes on your device. There are Nova launcher themes that feature a backup download file that allows you to download and restore on your Android mobile phone.

Nougat Nova Launcher Theme

If you want a new option, this innovative solution will bring something different to your phone. It will make your phone look like Google’s Pixel. It is possible to add the pill like widget on your home screen. Just go to Nova Settings, then Desktop, followed by Search Bar style and then Bar Style #4. The Nova customizations are Nova Launcher v5 Stable. The Icon Pack is Polycon ( and the Wallpaper is Wallrox Mountain (

Simple Android Theme

As the name suggests, this theme offers a simple, minimalist design. It has a nature wallpaper that is calming and soothing. If you are a fan of nature and want to feel like you are taking a break in the mountains or near a stream of water, this is the option that you need to check out. Here are the details for this theme:
Wallpaper – Nature, mountain, water and plants.
Icon pack: Viral
Nova settings: Enable Nova dock, then swipe to open app drawer, app drawer 4×6 tiles.

Minimalistic Nova theme

This is a minimalist wallpaper and clock widget that is located at the center of the sun. The card background used in Drawer page and color in this case is 75% transparent. The Wallpaper is Minimalist, the Icon pack is Polycon (, while the Widget is Minimalist clock ( The Nova settings are Settings, followed by App & Drawer, Label -White, then Card Background and 75% transparent.

Elegant Theme

The Elegant theme stands out due to its modern looking interface that has some minimal icons in the homescreen. You have the same settings on the Drawer page. The Wallpaper used is Wallrox Mountain too. The Icon Pack is Glyphsy. The Nova Settings are as follows. Settings > App & Drawer, Label – White > Card Background and then 75% transparent.

Colorful Forest

This theme is ideal for those who prefer simple design and it offers resources like Aivy icon pack and zooper premium. The icons pack is and the Google widget is Premium Zooper:


If you want a unique theme, you can try Boom. It is a very unique option that uses Premium Aivy icon pack plus a custom Kwlp file. The sources are affected. The Nova Launcher Prime, grid size 12×11.


This theme features date and time widget, as well as app’s icon on the home screen. The soft navigation icon is an illustration of the one used on Galaxy 8 devices. The launcher is Nova Prime and the Icon pack is Delta, which you can find here:
The Grid size is 12×6 and the Widget is Zooper Pro. The Widget Pack is MNML UI.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go became a global phenomenon since it was launched and it earned fans all over the world. Here we have a theme that uses minimalist wallpaper and Monster ball icon pack that you can get in the Google Play Store:
The wallpaper is Wallrox, which you also get in the Google Play Store. The most popular wallpaper is Pika Pi.

Flat and Colorful

Flat and colorful offers a clean design with default clock and date widget on home. The icon pack is Alos, which you can get here:
The Nova settings, then move to Drawer, followed by Swipe to open and desktop. Then you get Page indicator and remove drawer icon.

Best icon packs for Nova Launcher

ELEV8 Icon Pack

This premium icon pad features dual layer icons and it is possible to select alternate icons for apps if you don’t like the one that is available by default. You can find a vast selection of icons for thousands of apps so you have plenty of chances to find the one that you prefer.

Moonrise Icon Pack

This is another popular option that is available for free. It is the perfect choice for those who have a dark wallpaper. The icons are suitable for that scenario since Moonrise is inspired in the night. It has a prominent moon design.

Flight Lite

This icon pack features white shaped icons with black space that will bring something different and unique to your Android home screen.


Halo is a free icon pack that focuses on simplicity and it has millions of installs from the Play Store. It is possible to install the icons in Nova Launcher.


With over 5 million install, this free icon pack is one of the most popular options available in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, it is not longer being supported and no new icon will be launched. However, you can still find it in the Play Store and install it on your device. While there won’t be new icons added, it is still a convenient solution that is worth checking and that works with many of the themes we previously mentioned.


Nova Launcher is the favorite choice for many Android users, even if it is not as advanced as other options like Themer. Still, it will suit most people thanks to its simplicity. The Pro pack allows you to access more features and it is an affordable choice. One of the highlights of Nova is the Slide-to-open-app-drawer feature, which makes things very simple.

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