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How to Redeem Netflix Student Discount

Students relax in different ways. One of the most popular ways is by binging on Netflix. However, since most of students do not earn much yet, it is difficult to pay to watch your favorite movie or show. Good news is that Netflix has discount vouchers that would help students.

Does Netflix Offer Any Student Discount?

Unfortunately there is no student discount on Netflix. Though this is the case, you could change your subscription plan or use gift vouchers to reduce its cost.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an on-demand video streaming platform that comes with a library of different movies and TV shows which you could play on your laptop, TV, mobile and PC. You could also stream on your iPhone, iPad, Android, TV, PlayStation, Computer, Xbox and many more.

Currently, there are about 72 million subscribers all over the world and most of them are satisfied with the content of Netflix.

How to Reduce the Cost of Netflix?

There are numerous ways to reduce the cost of Netflix. In fact, you could even save up to $72 per year. We understand that students have tight budgets which is why we have created and came up with a list of ways how to reduce the cost and lighten up your financial burden and at the same time enjoy watching your favorite content on Netflix.

Change your Netflix Subscription Plan to Basic

Changing your subscription plan lets you still access your favorite movies and TV shows at a much lower cost. For example for basic subscription plan you could access Netflix on one screen and the resolution is standard but you will only have to pay about $7.99. Standard subscription plan on the other hand allows you to screen share up to 2 devices and the resolution is HD but you will have to pay about $9.99 and lastly its premium subscription plan costs about $11.99 for 4 screen share and resolution of Ultra HD.

By changing to basic plan, you will be saving about $72 at the end of the year which is not too bad. Moreover, all subscription plans allows you to access all its contents in the region you are in. To change your subscription plan, all you have to do is login into your Netflix account, go to the right panel and select change plan. Change plan to basic and you will be charged lesser in the upcoming months.

Grab Netflix Trial Version to Save Money

If you are planning to subscribe to Netflix, you could get their 30 day free trial. Take advantage of this. You could use different emails to create Netflix account but you will have to remember to cancel your subscription plan at the end of the month. Moreover, if you wish to do this numerous times, you will need to have different payment accounts and different email to create different accounts.

Contact with Nearby Netflix Dealers

There are some Netflix Dealers that offer Netflix account at a lower cost. Contact them through social media and get a much lower cost of Netflix.

Pay Netflix Subscription Bills Using Gift Cards

You could pay Netflix bills with gift cards you have received from Google Play. To do this go to manage profiles and go to change payment method and change subscription plan. Use AMEX card gift voucher coupon or google play card. Once done, your next bill will be saved to cash. Keep in mind that gift cards have an expiry date.

Split Netflix Subscription Bills Among Other Shared People

You could split subscription bills with other students. Hence, it would be much cheaper if the whole bill is split up.

Pause and Continue Netflix Subscription Plan

You could download high quality TV Show episode and movies during the 30 day trial version. You could pause the plan when you do not have time to watch movies.

Move to Netflix Alternatives

There are other similar platforms which offer much lower subscription fees.

More Affordable Alternative for Netflix

Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video is another video streaming platform which provides unlimited access to prime movies and TV shows. It is a great alternative to Netflix. It comes with a huge and wide range of library of TV series and movies. They also offer them on 4K and HD resolution. Students get to have free trial which could be extended up to 6 months and could be cancelled anytime. They could also get free shipping on items they have bought on Amazon. Students could also get unlimited photo storage facilities and discounts on pre-orders of new video games. They could also rent and buy textbooks at a lower price.

How much discount does students get from Amazon Prime?

Students could get up to 50 percent discount.

What is the duration for amazon prime student discount?

Up to 4 years. Regular membership is $99 per year but for students it is only $49 per year. They also have $10 bonus referral. To avail this discount your will need to have email address and proof that you are college student.


HBO Now comes with with great TV shows, documentaries and movies. You could access them and watch them in 4K quality. They charge $14.99 per month but for students they would be charged with $8 to $9 a month with no fixed contract nor hidden fees. You would also need proof that you are a student.

Hulu through Spotify- Student Hulu Bundle

Hulu is similar to Netflix where you could stream TV shows and Movies on your device. They offer a combination of Spotify and Hulu for only $4.99 per month.

YouTube Premium

YouTube is well-known streaming platform which offers free one month trial and their premium version does not have any ads. You could access movies, videos and music. Their premium discount service could provide you savings up to 40%.

How to Enable YouTube Premium?
  • Go to YouTube Premium official site
  • Sign up
  • Enter your payment details
  • Select student pack as your subscription plan

CBS All Access

CBS All Access is limited streaming service. It broadcasts limited TV shows and on-demand contents. You could try it for free or save up to 25 percent for students.


Can student’s ID be used to redeem Student Discount on Netflix?

No you would not need to use Student ID to get Netflix Discount vouchers because they do not provide any Student discount.

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