HTC Gallery app updated with new Cloud feature

HTC today updated their gallery app through Google Play Store. Companies like Motorola and HTC have transferred some of their main system apps on the Google Play Store in order to update apps across all their devices, so that both carrier based and unlocked smartphones get their updates on time.

People who have got the new gallery app on HTC would have the option to watch their pictures and videos on both their HTC smartphone and their Cloud account. There would be thumbnail sized pictures and videos in the phone gallery and users would need to tap on a specific picture or video in other to view them in full size. Accounts like Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr and Google Drive can be used with the new gallery app.

The next feature that comes with the updated gallery is the Face Fusion photo editor. What this feature basically does is that it combines two separate portrait pictures and comes up with a new face by combining two separate pictures of two different individuals. This feature was spotted on the HTC M8 and some other models and is a part of the new HTC Eye experience.

The gallery now looks a lot different and users also have the option to arrange their pictures and videos based on a day, month or year. Other than that there are some minor generic improvements and enhancements made to the overall UI of the photo gallery app as well. If you have a compatible device than go and check your Google Play Store if you still haven’t received the update.

HTC is also said to have plans to launch more entry level smartphones next year where as companies like Sony and Samsung would be laying low throughout the year to reduce losses.

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