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What Does “Instagram User” Mean On Instagram?

When you are navigating through your messages (DM) on your Instagram and you might have encountered some of your old messages where instead of the name of your friend, you see the name as Instagram User on their profile. Hence, when you open the chat, you would definitely recognize that it is one of your friends. When this happens, for sure, you would conclude that you were blocked by your friend. However, before you feel bad, this is not always the case. Through this article, we shall try to find out and discover what Instagram User or Instagrammer really means.

What Does It Mean When It Says Instagram User?

To answer this question, we have done some investigating and some research. We have asked the person whose name changed into Instagram User and we have found out that he has deleted his account permanently and is using a new account. Hence, we came into another conclusion that when you delete your account, your account profile name would change from your name to Instagram User or Instagrammer. 

Upon further research, we have learned that this is not the only possible reason as to why names change to Instagram User. 

The User Has Deleted Their Account

As mentioned earlier, when someone deletes their account, you would see Instagram User instead of their profile name. Also, if you also check your conversation and messages exchanged with your friend, you would definitely still see your older messages. However, their username would have already been changed from their profile name to Instagram User. If you try to send them a message, your message would still be sent, however, your friend will no longer be able to receive it since his profile account has already been deleted. 

The User Has Temporarily Deactivated Their Account

Another possible reason that your friend’s profile name changing to “Instagram User” is that your friend has deactivated his/her Instagram account temporarily which is one of Instagrams features. This is possible as there are times when people would just want to have a break from social media platforms. Hence, when one of your friends is on social media hiatus and has deactivated their account, then, it is possible for their profile username to change into Instagram User. Keep in mind, as well, that if you try to send a message to any deactivated Instagram account, the message will not be delivered until they reactivate their account. 

Instagram Has Banned Their Account

Just like other platforms, Instagram is the same, an account or a linked account could be suspended due to any violation of their terms and conditions. Suspension of an account could also lead to being banned from the platform and when this happens, then, the profile account name would be changed to Instagram user. 


Having the profile username as Instagram User instead of the real profile username could be confusing. It could also lead to misunderstanding as you could think instantly that you are being blocked by your friend. This is not always the case and we hope through this article, we were able to provide you useful information which you could use to learn and know of the other possible reasons as to why your friend’s profile username has changed to Instagram User.  

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