Malwarebytes Review

For a Trojan, virus or malware, blending in with the data of your hard drive is perhaps one of the easiest things to accomplish. Some of these are packed with contingencies that prevent the user from installing anti-virus software that might have a chance of pushing them out of your system. When the going gets tough for the PC user, Malwarebytes happens to be one such software that stands tall against all entities that have the malicious intentions of corrupting your data. Should you use this software to defend your system against incoming threats? Find out below.

User interface and installation

As it is with most of the software available, Malwarebytes comes in a free and a paid version, with the paid version obviously offering more features. In terms of installing the application on your system Malwarebytes does it in a breeze. What better way to deliver a great first impression than by providing a migraine free installation to the user?

What does the application do for you?

Pretty much everything it is you can do to keep your system from falling into disorder. For starters, Malwarebytes detects and protects against malware in real time. The only thing that we really have to complain about is the amount of time it takes to scan through the entire storage mediums. If you happen to have large capacity hard drives and there is a ton of content stored on them, grab a smartphone or a tablet and immerse yourself in mobile gaming or perhaps a movie because the process takes a very long time to complete. One commendable point about the application is that if you don’t want Malwarebytes to interfere while you are busy working, you can always schedule the software to work at those times when your system is completely free. Just keep in mind that you will have to allocate a few hours for the entire process to be completed. For casual users, using Malwarebytes through an elongated scan will definitely be a waste of time. This is why the software offers several but very flexible scanning modes that will cater to different kinds of users using their computers.

What other features are included in the application?

Since there is nothing known as safe browsing, Malwarebytes also comes packed with a malicious website blocking feature that blocks incoming threats so you can browse without having a care in the world. Since Malwarebytes is able to scan in real time for threats, your system will be safe from harm. Another great feature the software carries around with pride is that it is resource friendly. A lot of applications might effectively complete the tasks they were designed to do but they do it while c onsuming a hefty amount of processing power and RAM. Lucky for you Malwarebytes is extremely efficient in that regard.

If you were on the lookout for the perfect tool to help you get rid of things like viruses, Trojans and malwares, then look no further than Malwarebytes.

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