Nexus Sailfish render leaks HTC design language

The Nexus Sailfish will be the more inexpensive handset of the two upcoming devices (that are now tentatively being called “Nexus” phones because of the Pixel name that’s being tossed about) that HTC will produce for Google, and we’re starting to see renders of the device that give some insight into the upcoming phone’s design.

The new Nexus Sailfish render shows a back-mounted fingerprint scanner, which we’ve seen for some time now. This is Google’s design language from the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, so it’s not surprising to see it here. We also get a glimpse of a single back camera with an LED flash, as well as the typical-looking front display. There seems to be an awful lot of bezel on the front of the device, though Google isn’t usually one to know what good design is. The company didn’t seem to know where to place the device sensors on the 6P last year, so it put a black bar across the top back of the device.

The one clincher that reflects HTC’s design language would have to be the metal body and the antenna bands, which still remain on the HTC 10 this year. HTC’s tried and true design language involves both of these, and is always a clear sign of HTC design.

“Pixel” is the new name for the HTC/Google partnership devices, which can be seen in Google’s own Pixel-C laptop. Naming these upcoming HTC phones “Pixel” phones shows the search engine giant is committed to unifying all of its product lineup under one name that spreads throughout all of Google’s mobile device collection. We’re interested in seeing whether or not Pixel takes off, or Google simply renames the Nexus line something else. At this point, though, Nexus Sailfish is a codename for the device, but we’re not entirely sure that Google will even retain the Nexus name at this point. It is said that the Nexus Marlin will be called “Pixel XL” and the Nexus Sailfish will be called “Pixel.”



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