Nokia introduced glowing wireless charger and Lumia screen sharing on TVs

Nokia unveiled two new accessories for its Lumia line of smartphones at the IFA that will allow Lumia users to wirelessly charge their mobile phones and show the device content or screen on a TV with the help of a new device.

The charging pad called DT-903 Wireless Charging Plate is just like any other wireless charger with a simple plate holder to put the mobile on it. The charging pad has a cool new feature that is not so common among other wireless chargers available at the moment. While the wireless charging is charging the device, it can glow with light if a user gets a notification on his/her smartphone or anything that needs user interaction. This is very useful thing apart from the fancy look. Users generally sit at some distance from the charging place and this glowing wireless charging will allow users to an easy way to see if they got any notification on their Lumia device.

The other accessory called HD-10 Wireless Screen Sharing for Lumia Phones is a pocket sized circular device that connects to a TV via HDMI and can show whatever is showing on the Lumia’s screen. The device has NFC support so users just have to make the connection with the device only once and then sit back within range and swipe through different content while the TV acts like a project for the Lumia phone.

Nokia Lumia

The Wireless Screen Sharing also comes with a black NFC disc that users can place anywhere in the room for easy connection with the device rather than getting up and going to the wireless device everytime they have to connect to the TV.

The HD-10 Wireless Screen Sharing is available for around $102 while the wireless charging plate is around $78. These are just tentative prices and Nokia has yet to confirm the actual price tag of these devices.

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