OnePlus 4 to see OxygenOS and HydrogenOS hybrid

The OnePlus 3 has been sold in the US, and OnePlus as a company is starting to get noticed here at home. The OnePlus 3, the company’s latest flagship, stands at a modest retail price of $399.99, a price that makes most other Android flagships look too expensive by default. And yet, OnePlus has had to do much to win the hearts and wallets of American consumers. One strategy by which OnePlus has grown in success is to market a different skinned Android look (Oxygen OS) to Americans while providing a more functional, distinct look by way of a different skin (Hydrogen OS) to Chinese consumers. This has helped OnePlus win some publicity in China and the US, though both sets of consumers have come to love OnePlus with different UI experiences. The company wants to change this in the OnePlus 4, however, by merging the two UIs into one.

According to the source, the merging of OxygenOS and HydrogenOS will allow OnePlus to push updates faster in its upcoming flagship, the OnePlus 4. The OnePlus 3 here in the US features OxygenOS, a skinned Android UI that is as close to Google’s vanilla Android as it gets. HydrogenOS provides more functionality and unique design and these are two things that could benefit OnePlus here in the US and help the Chinese OEM stand out from the remaining Android rivals here in the US. With Google’s push to create two Google Pixel smartphones and a Huawei Pixel tablet with 4GB of RAM that pushes functionality over the tired vanilla Android form, perhaps OnePlus’s decision over the OxygenOS/HydrogenOS merger couldn’t have arrived at a more opportune time.


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