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Paid proxy server service

Our company provides paid subscriptions to proxy servers with different traffic volumes and convenient rates that will suit both beginners in the IT industry and owners of very large companies. We guarantee complete data confidentiality, unique IP addresses, a user-friendly interface, and extensive support in targeting the right advertising content for each of our customers.

What are the main advantages of our proxy service?

Many customers around the world, start-up owners, and managers of large IT companies subscribe to our paid proxy server service, because only we, unlike many competitors engaged in similar activities, offer the following benefits:

·         Our pricing will please every customer, as he will be able to choose the most profitable subscription plan, as well as payment methods for traffic. We offer to issue either a package tariff with a certain amount of gigabytes of traffic included in it, as well as pay for each gigabyte spent after invoicing when making an individual subscription.

·         Our platform, which the user downloads to their hardware, is distinguished by the most convenient interface and a wide range of useful functions with convenient graphic icons. Thus, the subscriber does not have to have special knowledge and experience to understand all the intricacies of the system.

·         The user can quickly check his list of generated and sorted IP addresses, as well as ensure their rotation, and change of location in time to avoid blocking the sites of interest to him where targeted advertising is placed.

All our customers are satisfied with the use of the proxy services of our platform, as well as the IP addresses for their servers and the speed of their rotation. Users leave only positive feedback about working with us, and our client base is expanding every month.

How to use proxy servers from Infatica?

Our permanent customers, who have extensive experience with the marketing policies of their websites and generate thousands of IP addresses, use proxy servers to achieve the following goals:

·         Formation of the company’s pricing policy based on a detailed analysis of the market and offers from competitors.

·         Ensuring complete cybersecurity of the user’s servers, reducing the risk of hacker attacks.

·         The ability to register a brand, and apply for a patent to protect your company name, logo, and slogan.

·         Analysis of data from end customers to conduct commercial activities.

·         Monitoring the performance of the system without problems, as well as inspecting the effectiveness of the marketing policy.

·         Formation of the marketing policy of the IT company, aimed at achieving the expected results, according to the business plan and profit growth.

·         The possibility of training beginners as an independent type of commercial activity, the formation of an advanced training school, and other educational centers.

Our platform, in the case of a subscription to a customer, helps to quickly set up effective targeted advertising in such a way that the customer will always be one step ahead of all his competitors.

Reasons why customers should use our proxy servers

We recommend that each customer, both a beginner and the owner of a large IT business, use only resident proxy servers for the following objective reasons:

·         The possibility of viewing and analyzing advertising content, as well as the path through which it is delivered to the final customer.

·         The possibility of quick identification of viral advertising and its lock to prevent cyber-attacks.

·         The possibility of fast bypassing of any multi-stage locks on various websites of large companies. This security policy protects its users from bots and undesirable visitors, and many targeted advertisements can no longer be displayed among the content, in directing on portals. Our proxy servers allow you to get around these prohibitions and get even greater efficiency for owners of companies that place advertising.

·         Each user receives a unique opportunity not only to disable his advertisement but also to accurately calculate the budget for the next month, already based on the effectiveness of the content when placing it on the correct sites.

·         The possibility of full planning of the budget, without the occurrence of unforeseen costs, as well as accurate adherence to the business plan compiled for the quick payback of investment and income access.

·         The ability to reconfigure the user’s website so that he can turn into a secret buyer of his product, to check the effect of advertising and the availability of content for a simple customer, which is interested in the proposed products.

·         Checking the activities of partners, who, according to the contract, mix advertising. Here you can track the total number of shows, as well as the readability and convenience of the location of advertising posts on the main or other pages of websites.

·         Each customer can quickly sort through a convenient filter system exactly the search query that he needs to exclude errors that lead to negative consequences and loss of working capital (for example, in the case of a sudden temporary shutdown of advertising).

We also invite customers to verify their systems for passing through high-traffic servers in peak hours to exclude the reloading of the system, as well as other malfunctions in the process of the most efficient operation.

What is a premium private proxy?

For the most experienced IT players, we offer premium private proxies that differ in the presence of the following expanded functionality:

·         The possibility of proper investment planning, and calculating the available budget, which excludes the formation of debts and irrational waste of money.

·         Targeted investment of funds only in the development of your brand, or in improving the quality of data transmission based on the traffic of the system.

·         A quick and guaranteed bypass of any locks, excluding the risk of the user entering, and placing advertising in black lists due to violation of the confidentiality policy of the counterparty.

·         Multi-stage encryption of any archival or open data with multi-level keys, which eliminates theft or copying, and removal of valuable information stored on the user servers.

Our company will always select a flexible, profitable, and convenient tariff plan for customers. First of all, the user can take the cheapest trial tariff plan for only 3 days, for 2 dollars, which will allow him to understand the system interface, as well as decide which subscription and how many gigabytes he needs. For beginners, we offer to issue a starting subscription for only $ 96, and this amount will already be included in up to 8 GB of traffic every month. The standard tariff will cost $ 360 a month, but the user can dispose of 40 GB of information already.

Real professionals, as a rule, draw up a business subscription for $ 700 with 100 GB per month. Owners of a large IT business often choose an expanded package for $ 2,400 and use 400 GB per month already. If the customer needs to pass huge streams of information through his servers, our experts recommend that he arrange a premium subscription for $ 3,500 with 1000 GB monthly that will solve the most complex and voluminous problems, without the risk of a sudden breakthrough of communication with our north and, accordingly, with end customers.

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