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With the pandemic still spreading all over the world, we are all forced to stay home and with being at home all the time, there are only a few things you could do to enjoy and entertain yourself. If you are lucky enough to be living with other people, you could play board games. This is a good way to kill time. However, if you are alone, you could play Cards against humanity which is an all-time classic.  It has been pegged as a party game for horrible people. This concept actually has been described through their website itself. It is considered as a great game which produces a lot of fun for everyone. Take in mind, however that this game is NSFW. Though that is the case, it is a great way to destress, let the steam off, kill time and have bonding time with your family and friends. 

Before Playing Cards Against Humanity Online

One of the best ways to enjoy playing cards against humanity is seeing the reaction of your friends while you guys play. Hence, we recommend that before you start playing, we recommend that you change your setting to a video call in one of the most popular video conferencing apps such as Cisco Webex Meetings and Teams , Skype , Microsoft Teams , Zoom and the like. 

If you are not comfortable in downloading and using video conferencing apps, you could also ensure that your mic and webcam are working. Once you have setup everything, ensure to ask all the participants if they know the rules of the game and ensure that you give a refresher as necessary. 

Cards Against Humanity comes in two types of cards – black and white. In each round, a player will get a black card and ask the question that the black card contains. Everyone will then pick one of the white cards they have on their hand and submit the funniest and the most inappropriate answer. The winner is at the end of the game, the one who has submitted the most cards that come with the funniest answers. is simple to use. Its interface would suit best the minimalists. It works with Remote Insensitivity feature which allows different visual representation. It has all the same cards and is easy to play. This game is perfect for beginners. Level of difficulty is too simple. In fact, this game is not automated. This means, you will have to deal, move cards and discard all by yourself. This provides you a realistic feeling and would definitely add excitement and fun game night atmosphere. 

For you to be able to start this game, you will have to go to Scroll down and create a new room section. Select Remote Insensitivity and click start game.

All Bad Cards

This game allows up to 50 players. It comes with amazing interface and it has a cheeky feel which Cards Against Humanity often provides. This game is designed for people who are bored at home. For you to start this game, all you need to do is go to the website and click New Game. You will be asked to provide a nickname. Once you have your nickname entered, you will be given a shareable link which would allow you to play with other people. This game also allows you to provide up to 10 AI players. Once all is set up, you could click start to begin the game. 

Pretend You’re Xyzzy  

This game allows you up to 20 players. The only downside of this game is you will not be allowed to start the game unless you have at least 3 players. Once you have at least 3 players, you could now customize your game, add cards and create your own game. You could also create your own rules and play with someone to play the game after. 

Cards Against Humanity Lab

If you are feeling lonely, we do not recommend this game. However, if your friends are not available, this game is perfect for you. In this game, the computer is the one who deals you the black card. You will also be provided with a selection of white cards. There is also an option for none of the cards on the screen are funny at all.

Make Your Own Cards Against Humanity Entertainment

With being stuck at home most of the time, you could change the rules and start creating your own games. You could make your own deck of Cards Against Humanity. All you have to do is download and print from their official website and you are good to go. 

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