Best Portable Blu- Ray Players

The best thing about Blu-Ray-players is that there are models created for traveling. These new Blu-Ray models are created with the goal of affordability and portability. These portable Blu-Ray DVD players could be brought and are perfect for road trips.

Below is the list of best portable blu-ray DVD players.

1. Azend Group Corp BDP-M1061

This model is 10.1 in size and comes in High Definition. Its screen could swivel and is compatible with any DVDs. The BDP-M1061 offers a 3-in-1 card reader which enables you to play pictures, video or audio files. Aside from that, this device also allows you to connect via USB. It also comes with HDMI output. It has a rechargeable battery and has a battery life up to five hours.

The Azend Group Corp BDP-M1061 is packaged together with a car adaptor, remote control, AC adapter, AV cable and a carrying bag.

2. Sony BDP-SX910

The 9” Sony BDP-SX910 comes with LCD monitor with HD 1080p, widescreen and offers high-resolution screen. This model’s screen could also be turned up to 180 degrees like its sister model, the SX1000. The SX910 also has a rechargeable battery and has a battery life up to five hours. Aside from that, this model also offers HDMI output and has a USB port where you could use for digital entertainment. Lastly, this model has a car adaptor which enables you to charge in your car.

3. Sony BDP-SX1000

Another Sony model which gets in the list of best portable players, the BDP-SX1000 has a display size of 10.1 widescreen which gives you high optimum viewing. This model enables you to flip the screen which could serve like a tablet or could move up to 180 degrees. This model could play up to 5 hours. The BDP SX1000 comes with a car adaptor which you could use for charging whenever you travel.

4. Sony 10.1V Terrestrial Digital Tuner Built-In Portable Blu-Ray Disc Player

Compatible with every SD and HD formats, the Sony 10.1V has a built-in tuner which could receive television broadcast signals. It has an antenna which could receive signals from United States, Mexico and Canada. This model also comes with AC charging cable which gives you the option of using this DVD without having to plug it while watching. The battery life is up to 5 hours with full charge. The Sony 10.1V is a great option for trips.

5. Philips PB9011/37 9-Inch 1080 Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player

This model is 9” in size and is an amazing option with playback dual screens and a full HD 1080p display. It has a higher storage capacity and has built-in stereo speakers which provides great audio experience. Aside from that this player offers a USB 2.0 port wherein you could use USB movie files aside from the normal DVD disc.

Buying Guide

Just like any device, purchasing portable Blu-Ray players could also be difficult and there are a lot of factors that needs to be considered in order to have that amazing viewing experience. The following factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing a portable Blu-Ray player:

1. 3- Dimensional Capability – you need to identify if the device is compatible with regular Blu-Ray CDs and DVDs. Aside from that it would be great if your player comes with three dimensional specifications which allows you to watch in 3D images using 3D disc, pair of 3D glasses.

2. 4K Upscaling – enables your device to convert to regular 1080p and 1080i HD content to a higher resolution – 4K.

3. Wi-Fi capable– this enables you to connect with a router and watch stream videos online

4. Digital Living Network Alliance – enables you to view media files such as pictures, music and movies

5. Sound Surround Capability– gives you an amazing audio experience through Dolby Digital receiver. It would be better if your device supports a DTS.

6. Navigation and Picture Controls – this feature enables you to navigate menus without having to leave or pausing your movie.

7. A/V, USB connections and Memory Card Slots – this feature gives you more viewing options through digital files.

8. Disc Capacity and Formats – this enables you to use multi-disc feature which enables you to play standard DVDs, MP3, JPEG and WMA.

9. BD-Live and Bonus View– this feature allows you to access additional Blu-Ray related features such as games and movie trailers via internet.

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