Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

A spinning reel is a tool that is familiar to those who loves to go fishing. It is the cylindrical portion or device that is attached to a fishing rod and its purpose is to wind and stow the line that catches the fishes. It provides aid in throwing, catching fish with accuracy at a distance and retrieving the line as well.

Though those who love to go fishing have enough knowledge, it is important to be updated with information not only about skills but also with products associated with it. Through this buyer’s guide, one will gain more information and knowledge through product reviews.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Fishing Spinning Reel

For more information about Baitcasting Reels visit All Fishing Gear. Before we feature the best spinning reels, here are a few more information we have gathered and summarized for you to be able to understand at the same time to aid you in creating your own criteria and standards in choosing the best spinning reel.

Water Factor

There are two types of reels you would need to ask before purchasing your spinning reel. Is it for freshwater? or for saltwater?

One might ask why freshwater reels exist when saltwater reels are able to catch and handle the demands of fishing? Aside from price, freshwater reels are made for smaller and little fishing capacity. Also, it is not made of materials that could fight off the effects of corrosion due to salt, wind and salty air.

Saltwater reels on the other hand, could hold and drag the line in a more superior way and at the same time it could also handle shocks. Furthermore, its materials are durable and stronger than those of freshwater’s. It could handle large aggressive species, stresses of deep water fishing and effects of nature.


Corrosion is an effect of sea salt and it has a negative effect on the metal parts of the fishing reel. Since that is the case, manufacturers ensure that the materials used for saltwater reels could resist corrosion. This is done through sealing the housing and make sure it is leak-proof.


It is not only the water of the sea that could affect fishing reels and its fishing line. There are environmental factors such as reefs, natural underwater structures and currents, that also bring negative effects on the said tool. Saltwater reels are recommended to be used in such environment as it has a capacity to hold large, thick and toughened line.

Strength and Durability

Manufacturers of saltwater reels usually use advanced metal alloys and other composite materials to make the product durable and strong to resist the effects of environment and corrosion factors. Another key factor that makes the reel durable, sturdy and strong is ball bearings.

We recommend when choosing your saltwater reel, consider the number of ball bearings. The more ball bearings a reel has, the more it is durable. A good and best performing reels usually have about six to eleven ball bearings.

Though ball bearings alone are not a guarantee that your reel will not break off easily, it is still part of a reel’s overall design and is needed for a reel to operate smoother.

Line Capacity

When you do your fishing, one critical factor you would need to check is your reel’s line capacity. Since saltwater environments could be tough and rough, you would need a line that could surpass these environmental factors. Furthermore, you will also have to take into consideration the aggressive powerful tugs and tackle of your caught deep sea creatures.


Another important function you would need to check on your reel is its anti-reverse function. The anti-reverse function is the one that stops the reverse motion of the reel and it also engages with the pulling and dragging of the line. It also ensures that the reel will not spin or turn backwards

Now with all of that said, here are our recommendations of the best saltwater spinning reels.

1. Daiwa Isla Saltwater Series 5000H

This brand and model is the best among all saltwater spinning reels. Its design and materials are high class and top of the notch. It is very dependable, reliable and has advanced features and functions such as Zaion carbon composite Air rotor, 10 bearing system, its handle comes with a soft touch grip, it also has an ultimate tournament carbon drag feature and lastly, it could keep saltwater out.

2. Okuma CJ-55S Cedros

One of the most impressive spinning reels, Okuma CJ-55 has received great and positive reviews. The reel itself is made of durable anodized aluminum and the body and rotor gives a strong and stable base. It is also easy to use and provides a comfortable and balanced feeling. This model

also comes with a jigging handle perfect for catching tuna or any huge–sized fish. The only downside of this reel is that it sometimes gets stuck.

3. Fin-nor Offshore

Need a reel that could fight a large fish? Fin-nor offshore is a great tool that could aid you to catch that huge dream fish. It comes with a large dual drag system that could handle the pressure of 60 -pound drag. Moreover, this model and brand is made of high-quality materials and could assure you that it is very strong, has a solid design and you will definitely not regret purchasing this.

Fin-nor Offshore is highly recommended for open water contests.

4. Shimano Stella STL 20000 SWB PG Reel

If you wish to be able to predict the movement and speed of the fish you caught, Shimano Stella STL 20000 SWB PG Reel is your best bet. It comes with the X-tough drag feature and has that smooth control and could definitely handle huge tough water species. This model is definitely a catch. However, it is also a bit pricey.

5. The Penn Spinfisher V

This reel is made in China and is a fifth generation version. Meaning, this reel is an improved version of four Penn Spinfisher. The Penn Spinfisher V is recommended for heavy use and could hold up and handle huge aggressive saltwater creatures.


When choosing a perfect spinning reel, we recommend that you check factors first such as its strength, materials used, fishing style or use and versatility. With us doing the same, whether for recreational or for competition use, we highly recommend the Daiwa ISLA Saltwater 5000H Spinning reel or if you are on a tight budget the versatile jigging type like Okuma Cedros would be a perfect fit for you.

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