Samsung introduces new USB cable that charges 3 devices at once

Listed on Samsung’s website as ‘coming soon’, Samsung’s new USB cable can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. Priced at $39.99, this multi charger USB cable has three connectors that can be connected to three separate devices.

The package also includes a 2amp charger that divides the power output efficiently and effectively. It provides 2amps of power when charging only one device, 1amp to each device when charging two devices and about 667mAh to each device when charging three devices simultaneously.

The new USB cable does not include any special drivers or any other thing to be able to charge three devices at once. All users have to do is plug it in via a USB port and plug in their devices via micro USB ports. It doesn’t matter if a user has three devices or two while charging from a PC or a laptop. It charges all devices that are connected.

Dividing power between three or two devices might take a bit more time to charge than a single device but this cable is really useful for people that are traveling and have Samsung products with them (Bluetooth headset, wearable product or a smartphone).

It is not sure whether this USB cable from Samsung can also be used for any other device from other manufacturers as the USB is still not available on the Samsung store. This is not the first time that a company has introduced a multiple port USB.

There are a lot of third party accessories available almost everywhere that cost just as little as $10 and that too for a four port USB cable. But, it’s from Samsung and specifically for Samsung devices so people who own Samsung products might look into getting this one.

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