Sepulcher Of The First One’s Raid

Hidden deep in the forbidden realm of Zereth Mortis. You can find one of the most difficult instances to raid in WoW. In Sepulcher of the First One’s, you will follow a dangerous path of facing multiple enemies to reach the jailer. In ruins lies the homeland of the First Ones. This final raid from the Shadowlands update offers you the chance to reap great loot. Of course, if you want to get your hands on the items, you will have to first pass through the eleven bosses that you will encounter.

Vigilant Guardian, First of the Eleven

Coming from the Automa race, he is a formidable foe. Facing the raid team, he spawns sentinels to fight on his steed. The watchful one will try to prevent you from continuing with the ride and will stop you at the start. Before you even have a chance to face the final boss,

The Oracle Who Has Fallen

Dausegne is the second encounter with whom you will have to deal. She will attack your team by casting various spells. In the process, her mana will deplete until it reaches zero. Once this happens, she will take energy from the reservoir of the First Ones. Doing this will form a shield around her, consisting of the drainer energy. While doing so, Dausegne will dominate the same reservoir. Spawning halo for each one, she manages to take control of them.

Artificer Xy’mox

Xy’mox is the third boss in this raid. He will try to get rid of all players who dare to enter his sight. With its health dropping to eighty, fifty, and twenty percent, Artificer Xy’mox summons Hyperlight to reinforce him. While you are dealing with them, He would explore the hidden mysteries of the relics, trying to gain even more power from them.

Prototype Pantheon-Fourth Encounter

The prototype pantheon is spawned from the Progenitor Forge to face all those who dare to enter the instance. Using their abilities to attack players, the bosses will use a series of powerful attacks. Once your raid team manages to harm any of them, they will have less than half their HP. Both creatures will get back into the forge and begin repairing themselves. While doing so, you will have to face other opponents while the forge is ready to face you again.

Principle Architect Lihuvim

Lihuvim is the 5th encounter in the Sepulcher of the First Ones. You will face him in his own workshop. The same place has been converted into a testing field for weapons. Used in the battles against the jailer. Your main goal is to fight them and shatter the protoform lattice.


The Ravener is quite tricky to face. If all the raiders gather together, Skolex will activate its ability, Unending Huger. That triggers a reaction where the boss consumes all the ephemera dust, thus activating another skill called Insatiable. That makes Skolex stronger, and he deals more damage to your party.


This enemy can spawn Reclaimer Pylons. Their purpose is to gather ephemera. If an orb of the collected ephemera reaches the reclaimer, it will cause an explosion. Once Halondrus HP falls to eighty percent and later to forty-five. The remaining pylons will shatter, sending Halondrus further down into the caverns.

Anduin Wrynn

While facing him, you will see that Anduin is simultaneously fighting his domination. As this occurs, everyone present will have to help Wrynn’s true self to win. That works only when Dominated Anduin uses Kingsmourne Hungers. The main goal is to help the 8th boss gain 100 willpower. Once he achieves that, Anduin can clear up the origin of his dominance for some time. That allows all players to go up against him and reap the benefits of the Gasp of Domination.

Lords of Dread

Mal’Ganis, and Kin’tessa attack the raiders with shadow and decay magic. Each of them gathers energy, which can reach up to 100. Once it collects this number, they unleash their skills on your raid team. Mal’Ganis can damage all the players on sight with Swarm of Decay and Swarm of Darkness. Kin’tessa uses “infiltration of dread.” That makes Dread Lords disappear, deceive the enemy, and attack them from within their lines.

Tenth boss-Rygelon

He uses cosmic energy for his skills. During the fight, he accumulates it, and once it reaches one hundred, the skills will be cast. It starts with a great explosion, which keeps all raiders out of the singularity. Later, he rematerializes in the same place and gets Erosive Antumbra. Once Rygelon runs out of energy, he will use Shatter Sphere on Unstable Antimatter, returning all the raiders to the Sepulcher.

The Jailer

As the last encounter of the Sepulcher of the First One’s raid appears, you can expect a fierce fight. Players will have to prevent him from using the machine of origin. 

Once the battle occurs, he will use Unrelenting Domination to assert his control over the device by dominating the control pylons.

If he takes control of all of them, He will focus on setting up the Machine of Origination. The Jailer wants to take control of the energy, and more precisely, the soul of the world. He will cast his spells, and with each one he will raise three pylons, trying to form a circuit from the outer edge to the middle one of the machine.

All players can battle him and attempt to prevent it by using the Shattering Blast. Your goal is to demolish the pylons he raises and prevent him from completing his mission.

Wrap it up

The Sepulcher of the First Ones is the final raid in the Shadowlands expansion. With the boss encounters and the difficulties of the instance, it is understandable that you have a hard time clearing it. That is why you can get help by Sepulcher of the First One’s normal boost. Gather all the loot you want and complete the various achievements.

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