Best 13 To-Do List Apps

Organizing requires special skills but with a little help of organizing tools like to-do-lists will make organizing easier to do.

Back in the days, to-do lists are usually done through the use of a notebook or more commonly known as pen and paper. Fortunately, today, with the help of technology, there are a few apps that you could use to assist you, remind you and boost your productivity.

Here are the best to-do-list  apps that you could choose from.

1. ClickUp

If you need a tool that will provide and help you to become productive, then, ClickUp is highly recommended and is a very good option.

ClickUp is well-known for being a full productivity platform which comes with very useful features such as Google Calendar and Slack integration, lists, folders, reminders such as start time and due dates, prioritization tags, smart search, allows note taking, drag and drop tasks and many more.

In addition to that, you could also use this app as a platform to organize group tasks or projects with the following features:

  • Multiple assignees
  • Multiple views
  • Rich text editing

Aside from the mentioned features above, ClickUp is offered for free and comes with an easy to use, user-friendly interface. It also allows its users to custom their statuses which helps one to track tasks easily.


2. Todoist

Created by The Verge, Todoist is another amazing to do list app option. It comes with elegance with its simple and easy to navigate interface. To use the app, simply just encode or type the task that you would need to do, set the time and date you would need to accomplish your tasks and the app will organize and show you what tasks you will need to complete today, tomorrow, next week and so on so forth. In addition to that, this app also gives suggestions of tasks like laundry, watch movies and many more. Aside from that, Todoist provides you a task history and allows its

users to type in their goals and once you have accomplished it, the app will reward you of karma points.


3. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk has been in the industry for quite some time. This means, this app is very reliable and has been trusted by many. It offers useful features wherein you could just put-in all your ideas. This platform is a perfect tool for reminding you of tasks you would need to accomplish and complete. It lets you set due dates and if you need a notification reminder, this app could send you texts and email notifications. In addition to that, this app also allows its users to tag and create smart lists. The only downside of this app is, it could not handle complex team collaborations. So, if you are looking for something that will help you with group projects, this app might not be the best option for you.


4. Google Keep

Google Keep is well-known for note-taking. However, Google Keep also has a to-do-list app which you could use personally. Through this app, you will be able to set reminders and go back to your notes and other items you have typed in. It also has color-coded labels which you could use as tags of your notes. In addition to that, through Google Keep, you will be able to leave voice reminders, save articles and use it for multiple devices.


5. TeuxDeaux

TeuxDeaux is a well-planned, well-designed to-do-list where you could type in your weekly tasks. This app also allows you to tag your priorities every day, lets you encode recurring tasks and put in your schedule daily.


6. Things

If you are into minimalist apps, Things is the best to-do-list app for you. Though Things is simple to navigate and use, it allows its users to plan huge events, schedule vacations, add details to your projects and chores and many more.

Things offer useful features such as checklist, tags, search, progress charts, headings and many more.


7. Wunderlist 

If you are into aesthetics, then Wunderlist is your best bet. It offers beauty and comes with lots of visual cues. Through this app, you will be able to share your task list and responsibilities with your groupmates or partner. In addition to that, you will also be able to organize your notes in folders, add comments, schedule due dates and place tags on your notes.


8. TickTick

TickTick is well-known for its tradition task management features. It offers broader and larger capabilities for location reminders, real-time data syncing and voice input. Aside from that, TickTick allows you to put your notes in folders, encode schedule like start and due dates, tags and comes with an in-built time tracker.


9. Toodledo

Toodledo is a perfection option which offers flexibility in task management, to-do-online list. It could track your habits, allows you to create outlines, tag your notes, list your priorities, set reminders and even share your list to your friends. It could also handle complex task management and synchronize all your devices.


10. Bear

Bear is not only a note taking app but it is also an online to-do-list software. It offers checklists and allows you to add details on your tasks. In addition to that, Bear could also link your tasks, note and files altogether through the use of their hashtag function. Moreover, if you need an app that could create and support word document, then, Bear is the perfect partner for you.


11. Microsoft To-Do

Just like what its name implies, Microsoft To-do comes with an integration of Microsoft Office 365. It allows its users to create lists and add task from their Outlook email. It offers “My Day” feature which lets you focus on the list that you would need to accomplish for the day. It allows you to schedule your tasks and put in deadlines. In addition to that, you could also tag your notes through the use of color-coded labels.


12. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps. It comes with a to-do list and allows its users to use hashtags. They also have a WebClipper feature which allows you to browse, save tasks and notes from the web. It also allows you to save meeting notes and list the tasks that you would need to accomplish.


13. Google Tasks

Google Tasks comes with a reliable user interface. It comes with a minimalist feel and allows you to even create lists and put subtask for each task that you would need to accomplish. It also has a feature where you could set your priorities and it also allows you to create tasks from emails as well.



One way to level up your productivity is through the help and use of tools. We hope that through this article we were able to help you find an organizing do-to-list app that will suit your daily activities.

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