Top 10 Web Humor Apps

You could find everything in the internet, may it be information or entertainment, you will be able to access it through the worldwide web. Today, with smartphones, tablets and other devices sold in the market, accessing internet has become more convenient. Hence, finding something that would make your day better like humor websites becomes easier to access. What’s more amazing is that your favorite humor reads have now evolved into something that could accommodate and reach more readers through mobile applications.

Best Web Humor Apps:

1. Imgur

If you are looking for funny images like memes, viral images and gifs then, Imgur is your best bet. Imgur used to be a sharing utility for Reddit but they have decided to work as their own and has now garnered numerous loyal followers.

This site’s mobile app is highly recommended to view popular images, must read comments section and user submissions of funny memes, comments and many more.

2. The Onion

This site is one of the most popular websites that caters the funniest fake news. Through their mobile app version, you will be able to access their newspaper-format satire which we could assure you will definitely enjoy.

3. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a site that caters humorous lists, funny stories and even quizzes which will surely entertain you. In addition to that, you could depend on this site for your daily fun and laughter with its daily update of trending topics and highlights.

4. Lamebook

Lamebook is a hilarious entertaining site that gathers ridiculous, funny and crazy posts found on social media all in one place. This app comes with different content that are worth sharing and worth having conversations about.

This site is also considered as a parody site that provides voyeuristic fun which allows you to see other’s Facebook feeds and funny comments and posts.

5. iFunny

Getting your daily dose of fun is definitely a must for iFunny. Hence, through their site, you could be assured that your daily dose will never be missed through their daily update of colorful funny and cute web comics and memes.

6. Break

Looking for viral videos, crazy pranks and animated gifs? Break is the best website for you. Aside from that, through this site, you will also be able to see bizarre funny images and videos. They are also known for their YouTube Channels.

7. 9gag

Though there are some individuals who despise 9gag and post their thoughts about the site being a repost site, many still think 9gag is a very good entertainment site and provides great mindless fun. If you are looking for funny web content, 9gag is definitely one of the sites you should visit.

8. Daily Rage Comics

Comics are usually found on newspapers but now, you could get your daily dose through Daily Rage comics. Check their site and you would surely love and have a good laugh.

9. Mematic

Mematic is an app that generates memes and allows its users to apply texts on pictures and videos. It also comes with a library of popular gifs, memes and images. Aside from that, this app also includes a search function which allows you to find easier a specific image or gif.

10. Smosh

This site provides everything in 20-somethings. Through Smosh, you will experience fun lists, funny videos and meme collections. Aside from that, Smosh also comes with an app version which is considered as a condensed version of their site. If you are looking for something to make your day lighter, Smosh is the best site for you.

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