ContactShield App Review

Although Cloud-based systems provide an incredible wealth of advantages like overall size and communication capacity of the server, they are also more vulnerable to hacking and other intrusions. This means that your Apple products such as iPhones, iPads and even address books that use a cloud-based system may be vulnerable.

This is where ContactShield comes in, offering single touch protection for your mobile devices that are part of a cloud-based system. Can this app really live up to the promise it makes and keep cloud-based mobile devices safe from unwanted intrusions?

What is the ContactShield App?

Essentially, the ContactShield app is designed to be a single-touch application that preserves and protects the contact information stored on your mobile device. You certainly heard news stories of people, often celebrities, who have had their mobile devices hacked through a cloud-based server. Hackers often manage to retrieve texts, images, contact information, and more.

ContactShield is designed to protect against any unwanted intrusion or hacking of the information stored on your mobile device, or the cloud server with which it shares its information. It basically works by encrypting all information saved your iOS devices which in essence make it unreadable, even if it is stolen. Any wannabe hacker would find that the information is fully protected. It is a simple and effective solution to a wide spread problem.

Download and installation are just as easy as installing any other app to your iDevice. From that point forward, you can secure your contact information all with a single tap of a button. ContactShield indicates that the information is protected by displaying a “lock” symbol which is your sign that whatever sensitive data your trying to protect is now encrypted.

It should be noted that ContactShield does not create a copy of the information you want protected, it simply protects the data on your device.


There are numerous advantages that the ContactShield offers. When it comes to protecting your information you’ll find that it’ll keep intruders out all while making it easy to access for your own needs.


The download and installation process are simple enough, but it is the daily use of the app that is really user-friendly. By encrypting your contact information with a single tap, you can rest assured that they are protected on your device and in the cloud. Launching the app will have it automatically read your address book and unlock the information you want to access.

256 Bit Encryption:

Encrypted using a very strong AES 256 bit encryption algorithm, the ContactShield app prevents any unwanted application from accessing the information once it has been encrypted. Encrypting information is a form of protection that is nearly impossible to crack. This is because the information is encoded in such a manner that even a complex hacking program would not have the processing power to “guess” the encryption key, for lack of a better term. Even if you lose your device, the password needs to be authenticated for entry so that your information stays safe even if your device isn’t…


The app also supports synchronization with other iOS devices, as well as PCs that share the same address book. This means that you can access your contact book from a myriad of devices that share the cloud system all while knowing it is all secure thanks to a one-touch system. All you need is your authenticated password and you can access your contact information from your iPhone, iPad or any device that holds your address book as part of the overall cloud system.

In addition, if the password is not properly authenticated, the system goes into lockdown mode. That saves and locks the data, preventing anyone from accessing it. Finally, the app can detect any changes in the address book and make sure the information is synced, saved, and secured properly.

In the end it is a simple application that does its job very well.


Overall, the ContactShield app is the perfect application to protect your online address book. It can make sure that your contact information isn’t compromised whether by hacker or by theif. It is very easy to use and with a single touch you can update and protect new information that is entered. For those who want the right protection for their address book, the Contact Shield app is the one to get.

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