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How to fix: error invalid number message in texts – iOS

If you are trying to send a text message and keep getting an error stating that the number is invalid, keep reading as we’ll go through some solutions that can help. The error also says the following: “please re-send using a valid 10-digit mobile number or valid shorty code”. The problem is when the message shows up, even if the phone number you are trying to send a message to, has 10 digits. You may delete the contact to re-add it at a later stage, but if the issue is not resolved after doing this, you may try the below options.

  1. Delete the contact information (both name and number) from your iPhone and delete all the messages exchanged with that contact.
  2. Start a new message by typing the first letter of the person name, or the first number of their phone. The contact will still show in a dropdown box.
  3. Don’t select the text recipient. Select the i (info) icon after contact and the Recent menu will appear.
  4. Select remove from the top right corner and then do the same for every case with name and number.
  5. Try to type a new text.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, it is possible that the number is hidden in some group texts. You can delete every group text with that number.

Other possible solutions

Reset network Settings in Settings, then select General and Reset, followed by Reset Network Settings. Keep in mind that this will reset Bluetooth pairing and WiFi passwords.

Keep an eye on the contacts that don’t have 10-digit numbers. If you try to send a message to a landline, you will also get the error message.

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