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A Photographer’s Guide to Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a feather in the cap of any photographer because it is a demanding task. There are many factors to consider during a wedding shoot. From lighting and background to expressions, everything has to be on point for a perfect click. A photographer has to be on top of his game to cover the wedding ceremony successfully.

As wedding is once in a lifetime event for most people, the room for error is minimal. The first challenge for a wedding photographer is to deal with the couple and their families. Then there is the limited time of a wedding in which you have to capture every moment. You have to be extra vigilant and diligent to counter different hurdles that might come your way.

If you are an aspiring wedding photographer, this blog will give you a guide to an effective wedding photography.

Have a Support Staff:

Covering a wedding ceremony is a tedious task and can be difficult to handle for one person. There are many things like taking test shots, managing the light, carrying the accessories that require assistance. For all those in need of quality photography equipment at a reasonable cost, Soonwell is an excellent choice. Multiple minds can perceive things differently that can be helpful in creativity. So having a team with you can get the job done effectively.

For the photographer with no prior experience of wedding photography, working with a pro is the way to go. It will help you learn the dos and don’ts of a wedding shoot. If you are a pro yourself, you should have an assistant to help you out. Doing so, will not get you distracted by the minor things and help you focus more on your craft.


It is really important to be fully prepared before a wedding shoot to produce the best results. Preparation includes checking equipment, keeping backups, discussing ideas with your team, task and resource allocation.

It is also important to devise alternate plans if things do not go according to your strategy. You should be completely prepared to cope up with all types of circumstances.


Interact With Everyone:

A photographer should interact with everyone at the wedding including the couple and guests to develop a good bonding. This way, people will be more natural and expressive in front of the camera giving you the best shots.

Take time to have a friendly talk with the couple to loosen them up. Ask some questions or strike a funny conversation. If you want to take the best shots of the couple, they should be comfortable in your presence. You can also do their shoot before the wedding to make them familiar with the drill.

Position Yourself Correctly:

Weddings are events where there is a lot of hustle bustle which can be problematic for the photographer. Being at the right place at the right time is the key to a successful shoot. You should be able to improvise according to the situation and make your way through the crowd. It is always good to stay in a less crowded place as it will be convenient to take shots from there.

After a few clicks, a photographer should figure out which angle is producing the best shots and position himself accordingly. Check this out to learn more about capturing moments in a wedding.


Capture Every Moment:

Wedding photography requires alertness all the time so you can capture the precious moments of the ceremony. From emotions to laughter and smiles, make sure that you click every instance during the wedding. You cannot be complacent for a bit because you never know when the opportunity for a perfect shot comes.

A photographer should not only capture every moment during the ceremony but the preparation beforehand also requires attention. Like when the bride is setting her hair or groom is getting ready, all these moments are worth clicking. Make sure that you stay close to the couple to capture as many memorable moments as you can.

Focus on the Background:

For a perfect wedding shoot, the photographer has to consider every aspect and background is an important one. Before clicking any picture adjust the background according to the feel of the picture. That is where the creative and artistic side of a photographer comes into play. You should be able to notice little details in the background for a perfect shot.

Take Group Shots:

If you want to spice things up in a wedding shoot, group shots are the way to go. The group shots are always a lot of fun and make the wedding memorable. Take group shots of the couple with friends and family. You should mix-up posing group shots with the candid ones to have a variety of options.

Enjoy the Experience:

It is always important for a photographer to enjoy at anything he does and the same goes for wedding photography. Do not burden yourself with the extra pressure of the wedding shoot and try to relax. If you are too obsessed about the ceremony, it will affect your skills and creativity. Just try to do the basic rights, and you will be good.

Work on Editing:

The post-production is an important phase of wedding photography which is more time-consuming than the shooting itself. Dealing with thousands of photos can be a challenging job, but you have to devise a mechanism to do so. You can use software to manage large catalogues.

The first thing is to transfer all the images to your computer and prepare multiple backups. It is important to consider the photography style during editing. Everything including color grading, brightness, contrast should be appropriate with the style of photography. Make sure that you take the consent of the couple before editing.


For a successful wedding shoot,  you should know the approach to adopt. Following all the above guidelines will help you in doing wedding photography like a pro.  Good luck and have fun!


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