WhatsApp even more secured after the introduction of new security enhancements

Due to the recent hacking incident companies are bumping up their security including Apple with their iCloud and now WhatsApp has also stepped in the game. WhatsApp has started end-to-end encryption which would be for the messages that are send between millions of users on a daily basis. After this move we can count WhatsApp as one of the most secure messaging apps on the market.

There are around 600 million active users on WhatsApp and an encryption security like that makes it one of the most secure app on the market for users to message privately each other on. WhatsApp was able to do this by teaming up with Open Whisper Systems with the help of which WhatsApp has increased its encryption security. With this security encryption WhatsApp would not be able to read user messages and not just that the company won’t even be able to decrypt user messages if NSA asked WhatsApp to do so, giving the people in the chat to only ready the messages that they send to each other.

WhatsApp and Open Whisper Systems has been working on it since 6 months now and it’s finally ready to be used, the same time when Facebook acquired WhatsApp back then. It certainly is a good move by WhatsApp to make their users feel safe while messaging each other without worrying about their privacy. This should also increase the amount of users using WhatsApp as well as a lot of people are worried about their privacy and WhatsApp is providing that now.

There is no news though on which platforms WhatsApp is going to implement their new encryption security but it would be better if everyone can have this security feature no matter what platform they are on.

What are your thoughts about such a move from the famous messaging app?



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