Woman sues Microsoft for Windows 10 update

Microsoft has been trying to improve its Windows platform on all its devices, not just PCs, but the company has also been pushing updates to the company’s new and improved platform that haven’t set too well with users. One such case concerns Teri Goldstein, owner of a travel agency business in Sausalito, California who sued Microsoft because of a Windows 10 PC update that automatically installed itself on her computer and made things worse instead of better. “I had never heard of Windows 10. Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to update,” Goldstein told The Seattle Times. She consulted Microsoft for further help, eventually going to court to settle the matter.

Goldstein won her case last month against Microsoft, and, after the company’s efforts to appeal, Microsoft has decided to pay the woman $10,000 and let the decision stand. Not only will she be able to get a Windows 10-free computer but some other electronics as well.

Goldstein’s win for her business against Microsoft’s Windows 10 PC push is all about giving consumers more information and education about updates and installs and not simply pushing them on devices in order to fill a quota and create a perception about users that doesn’t match reality. Microsoft has also been in the spotlight, rather infamously, due to the fact that it continues to push ads in a rather intrusive way. It was a rather jarring effect for me when I, having used a MacBook Pro for the last 5 years, decided to visit the local library that was running on Windows 7 or 8. These devices still bear ads all over the place, while Apple’s MacBook Pro never unveiled ads or showed any to me in the usual experience.

Windows 10 is said to be Microsoft’s newest take on the mobile experience,┬ábut Microsoft is looking to create a new mobile experience with its Edge web browser that has replaced the old infamous Internet Explorer. Microsoft is currently giving away a free Microsoft Lumia 950 with the purchase of a Lumia 950 XL in the company’s latest deal at its own web store.


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