Xiaomi Arch to have two curved displays

We have known Xiaomi for offering high end smartphones at an affordable price but maybe next year the company might have plans to surprise us with something new which is different from their current line of smartphones.

A poster was spotted lately showing a smartphone from Xiaomi by the name Xiaomi Arch. The poster also said that Xiaomi Arch was the first smartphone in the world to feature a dual curved display as the image shows a smartphone with a curved display at both of the sides of the smartphone, while Samsung Galaxy Edge which was launched recently has only one curved edge.

The curved sides will have the same features that Samsung Note Edge have and will be used for different shortcuts and notifications etc. There are also capacitive buttons at the button of the screen of the smartphone. This can be real or it can be a phone concept as well, as it took a company like Samsung lots of years of research to come up with their one sided curved display, which was only launched as an experiment and in limited quantities.

Plus if Xiaomi was able to make a smartphone like that, it would cost way a lot more than what Xiaomi is currently offering.A new technology like that demands premium price. Xiaomi has a different strategy which we all know is to offer high end smartphones at an affordable price, while Samsung likes to experiment with their smartphones and have been doing so when they first launched their Note series and now with the Galaxy Note Edge.

It would be good to see though if Xiaomi was able to come up with a smartphone like the Xiaomi Arch while still keeping an affordable price point. What do you think about the design, would a smartphone like that be useful as a daily driver ?

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