Dooze Alarm Clock Charges You Whenever You Snooze

It is very common for people to hit the snooze button whenever their alarm clocks ring in the morning. At time, particularly on Mondays, the snooze is hit successively. The solution to this endeavor might lie in a system called Dooze created by Jade Feng, Junshu Okamoto, and Muhammed Gü during their Disrupt SFHackathon this weekend. The system gives you a very strong incentive to avoid hitting the snooze button since you’ ll have to pay.

Feng has described Dooze as the alarm clock of your nightmare. Whenever you use it and command Alexa to snooze the alarm, you are charged a certain amount of money (uses Braintree to charge your credit card). If you hit the snooze button again, you increase the amount of money you are charged. For most of the people, am sure they rather let the alarm clock keep ringing than getting charged for hitting the snooze button.

In case you snooze for too long, the service requests a friend of you’re to call using Twilio’s APIs. The system also has the option of Alexa asking you a math question if you snooze for too long, too. Both options are bad but will help you get up.

Though the system currently does not allow Alexa to set an alarm clock at this point, the team is hopeful that Amazon will add this ability in the next version. Okamoto and Feng told the TechCrunch that they plan to come back and modify the service, once Amazon makes it easier to work with alarm clocks.

It might seem very appropriate to always donate to a favorite charity, whenever you snooze, though some might snooze a couple of times since the money is going to a worthwhile course. All in all, people hate losing money in avoidable circumstances, meaning the alarm clock might help them avoid snoozing.

Featured Image Credit:technabob

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