Nokia and SK Broadband Are Testing 52Gbps Speeds in S. Korea

South Korea always seems to be leading the whole world in internet connectivity. While the US and EU are struggling to bring 100Mbps and 5G internet to their citizens in the next five years, South Korea is aiming to bring 1Gbps speed to all households by the turn of the decade. Nokia in collaboration with South Korean ISP are currently experimenting on bringing 52Gbps speeds to a few residents.

It is interesting to note that when using Google Fiber’s 1 GB per second internet connection, you can simultaneously stream five HD videos and surf the net or even download an entire 14GB digital movie in less than two minutes. Now imagine what you could do with 52Gbps.

Nokia’s partnership with SK broadband aims to delivering the fastest fiber access speeds ever. In order to achieve these speeds, SK Broadband will be using multi-dwelling units from HFR alongside with Nokia’s universal next generation passive optical network technology. This approach makes it possible to enable different technologies over an existing network to reach an aggregate speed of 52.2 Gbps. These technologies include – TWDM-PON: 40Gbps symmetrical, XGS-PON: 10Gbps symmetrical, GPON: 2.5Gbps symmetrical.

According to Yoo Ji-chang, the head of SKB’s network division, as a new era that demands gigabit internet, virtual and augmented reality service, and ultra-high-definition video, Sk Broadband will establish a network infrastructure that will provide the best customer value.

Using Nokia’s PON solution launched last year, alongside existing fiber infrastructure, SKB is in a position to reuse its current network and access platform to boost speeds to 52 GPs. It is worth noting that SKB has already had incredible result in the past having become the first to commercialize 2.5Gbps GPON technology in 2006. By 2014 it had launched 10Gbps internet services.

According to Federico Guillen, the President of Nokia’s Fixed Network Group, all eyes are focusing on South Korea as it moves on with the project. He added that using Nokia’s innovation edge and their portfolio of next-generation fiber technologies; they will help customers like SK Broadband realize the true gigabit societies of the future.

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