Alcatel to announce OneTouch PIXI 3

CES is near and we are expecting a lot of new surprises from this event. Alcatel OneTouch announced that it’s going to show case two new smartphones on CES one of which will be an affordable smartphone while the other smartphone is interesting as it’s called a PIXI 3 smartphone which supports three types of operating systems as its OS agnostic.

This is something that sure is unique about the smartphone. We have seen smartphones that can support up to2 operating systems but now the capability has reached to supporting 3 operating systems. The operating systems that the PIXI 3 smartphone will be supporting are Android, Windows and Firefox OS. There are no details on how the PIXI smartphone is going to support all the three operating systems or how the system would work but the company is going to showcase them at CES after which we would have an idea on how things work on Alcatel’s new OneTouch PIXI 3 smartphone.

The PIXI 3 smartphone will be available in different screen sizes including 3.5”, 4”, 4.5”, and a 5 inch screen which should cover about almost all the customers preferences except the phablet segment but Alcatel might also launch that, if the smartphone got the attention it should have.

The specs on the smartphone were not mentioned but the smallest one at 3.5 inches will support 3G while all the other models will have support for 4G connectivity. With these smartphones people would also get to try the new Firefox OS that the company has been promoting, sadly it didn’t get as much attention as Firefox hoped it would and with the PIXI 3 smartphone people would be able to try it.

As soon as we get any details about the specs on the Alcatel PIXI 3 smartphone we will let you guys know.

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