Galaxy Note 7 screen protector shows USB-C, edge

We’re not surprised to see the Galaxy Note 7 leak more and more with each passing day, considering that the phone will be announced in just a few weeks and unveiled for the worldwide market. With that said, case and screen protector manufacturers are getting their supplies ready for Note customers, and the latest Galaxy Note 7 screen protector leak shows that consumers will have to adjust to a sole edge design as well as USB Type-C charging.

First, let’s discuss the elephant in the room: the Galaxy Note 7’s curved design. There’ll be no flat Galaxy Note 7 this year, as we’ve said earlier (even refuting a fake logo that attempted to keep the hope alive), so Samsung looks to go all in with a dual-edge curved design for the Galaxy Note 7. The Galaxy Note 7 screen protector provided by the source mentions that the Galaxy Note 7 screen protector is “curved,” mentions “the curved edges,” that the protector is a “glass curved screen protector,” “edges of the curved screen,” and that the Galaxy Note 7 will “feature a unique curved edge screen, perfect for viewing notifications on either side of the phone,” an unmistakable reference to the dual-edge design.

Apart from the next Galaxy’s design, the Galaxy Note 7 screen protector, we also discover that, true to the long-held rumor, the next Galaxy will indeed sport a USB Type-C port. USB Type-C ports are more rounded than micro-USB ports that have angular sides to them (like a small roof) at the top of them. In other words, the shape alone gives credence to what we believe to be true about the design, and Galaxy Note 7 screen protector manufacturers like MobileFun, who works closely with SamMobile, wouldn’t have this design without reason.

These two rumors are not new to the scene, but the Galaxy Note 7 screen protector provides protection for even the upcoming phone’s dual-edge curved display and prepares us for the next-generation USB charging standard. If we didn’t know these things to be true, and didn’t believe Evan Blass’s report about them, we should now.

In the next few weeks, we suspect that even more tangible, credible leaks will surface across the Web, until the entire phone is finally announced and the rumors are all squashed on August 2nd. Until then, stay tuned to Aptgadget as we bring you the very latest on the next Galaxy.

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