Fake Galaxy Note 7 edge logo surfaces

It’s a familiar time of year for tech fans, particularly those of the smartphone persuasion who are curious about Samsung’s upcoming smartphone announcement in August. We’ve presented some controversial news (or rather disappointing news, depending on which side you’re on) that says that Samsung will only release an edge variant on the market, instead of releasing both an edge and a flat variant this year. There are those who’d love to see a flat variant released and are disappointed at this news — and it is out of this disappointment that a fake Galaxy Note 7 edge logo surfaces.

The fake leak comes from @NextGalaxyS at Twitter, who posted two logos 3 days ago: one of a regular or flat Galaxy Note 7, the other of the Galaxy Note 7 edge. The title of the post says, “EXCLUSIVE: Samsung Galaxy Note7 and Note7 edge logos!,” with the logos pictured below it.

fake Galaxy Note 7 edge logo

The Galaxy Note 7 edge logo looks a bit suspect, but what makes matters worse is that Evan Blass, a.k.a. @evleaks, nor my colleagues at SamMobile have seen anything to confirm that Samsung will even use the Galaxy Note 7 edge moniker this year. In fact, when the Korean giant launched the Note Edge back in 2014 with the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung did not name the edge variant “Galaxy Note 4 Edge,” but instead, “Galaxy Note Edge” – without even mentioning the letter “4.” So, it’s not necessarily the case that Samsung will name it Galaxy Note 7 edge this year. The Galaxy S6 edge was so named, but this would be a “Note Edge 2,” a moniker which has more bearing than “Galaxy Note 7 edge.” Of course, the moniker is rather basic because we have to name it something, but again, the moniker is just an “everyman’s” moniker, not the actual name of the device (Samsung hasn’t even told us that the device is coming yet).

Next, there’s only been one model confirmed, and that’s the model that has the dual-curved edges (no flat variant is anywhere to be found). With this fake, suspect logo showing “Galaxy Note 7 edge,” it leads consumers to falsely hope in a flat model that will bear the “Galaxy Note 7” moniker, as distinct from the “edge” moniker when in fact nothing has been confirmed to justify such a distinction. Sources from Korea have told us that Samsung has chosen the dual-curved edge design for the flagship this year and named it “Galaxy Note 7” to educate consumers and not confuse them with so many flagships.

This logo leak detracts from that and has nothing to justify it but two logos — which could easily be “photoshopped.” I could easily photoshop a smartphone logo and declare that Apple and Samsung are launching a smartphone together — but there’s zero evidence in the wild that an Apple and Samsung smartphone will ever launch with the two having built it together. It’s a pie-in-the-sky pipe dream that lives in fantasyland, nothing more. And the same can be said for these logos.

The person responsible for leaking these logos is doing nothing more than playing on the ignorance of some consumers who believe anything because it’s a logo in print on social media. There is zero evidence to confirm it, with only one model number in the wild (with no hint to a model number that will distinguish the “edge” from the “flat”). Why is there only one model number for the Galaxy Note 7? Because there’s only one model, and that model will have the dual-curved edges with no flat variant in the works. Until more evidence arrives, we suggest you disregard this rumor in its entirety and not trust it at all. Even Evan Blass says that any rumor claiming two models shouldn’t be trusted, and he does so via Twitter to shame this @NextGalaxyS person responsible.

Galaxy Note 7 will have 1 model only


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