Best Alternatives to Easy Auto Refresh

Easy Auto Refresh is a Google Chrome extension that reloads pages automatically on a regular basis. You can determine how often you want the pages to be reloaded and you won’t have to press the refresh button or F5. With Easy Auto Refresh, it is possible to choose different time intervals for every page or tab and you can also keep settings and page scroll position. It is a practical solution that refreshes pages or tabs, after the time period you set and it also clears cache automatically. It is possible to select the websites you want the extension to refresh. It is a practical solution to enhance your web browsing experience. There are other solutions that offers a similar functionality and here you will find a list of alternatives to Easy Auto Refresh.

Super Auto Refresh

Super Auto Refresh is another good option that reloads pages on a specific time interval. This Chrome extension doesn’t feature ads and it gives you the possibility of refreshing or reloading web pages or tabs as often as needed. It offers an well-designed control panel, it is easy to use and works seamlessly.


RefreshThis offers a basic design, but effective performance when it comes to refreshing a website automatically. All you need to do is to enter the URL, choose how often you want the page to be refreshed and once you click on Start auto refreshing, RefreshThis will take care of the rest. The advantage of this web-based solution is that it works with multiple browsers and doesn’t require installation.

Site Reloader

Site Reloader works with different browsers and it offers a convenient solution to reload specific webpages are often as needed. You just need to enter the URL, set the desired tiem interval in seconds and then you have the option to load it in a new tab or to open it in a window. Site Reloader offers a simple interface and different settings that will help you to adjust its performance to your needs.

Page Refresh

If you are following up on a news story, or need to keep an eye on the information from a web page that constantly updates, Page Refresh will allow you to refresh a page automatically every minute. This extension for Chrome features a refresh timer and it remembers the last scroll position, giving you quick overview of the information that interests you.


ReloadEvery is a Firefox add-on created by Japp Haitsma. It reloads web pages in the time interval that you select. They will be reloaded within a few seconds or minutes, depending on your preferences. If you need to keep up with the latest updates on a website without pressing F5 or the refresh button constantly, ReloadEvery is a practical option.

Auto Refresh

This Chrome extension created by 64 Pixels refreshes pages automatically on a set interval. What makes it different from other options that support the same functionality, is that the process is straightforward and very easy. At the same time, Auto Refresh offers useful customization options that allow you to customize the default time and have separate timers for each tab.

Auto Reload

Auto Reload is another good option for Firefox users and it focuses on refreshing web pages automatically whenever local files are modified. This functionality makes it ideal for web developers as it will reload tabs and pages automatically when a local file changes. It is simple, efficient and it has received great reviews.

Auto Refresh Plus

Google Chrome users can rely on Auto Refresh Plus to refresh content from websites automatically. It features a countdown that lets you see how much time is left for the web page to be refreshed. Apart from offering an effective solution to refresh the current tab automatically, the extension supports content detection system and it is very easy to use. It offers a lot of flexibility and will let you focus on other tasks while the extension refreshes web pages for you.

Auto refresh Actual Webpage

This is another convenient extension for Google Chrome. It automatically refreshes web pages and the interval can be set in seconds. If you change the tab or the website, the extension automatically stops refreshing. It is fairly basic when compared to other options, but it offers the required options to ensure that the content is updated as often as you need.


With ChromeReloadPlus you can reload a page automatically as often as needed. You can adjust the extension to reload the page according to your requirements. It displays the time left until the page loads again. It is free, simple and doesn’t feature ads.

Extension Reloader

Extension Reloader is an open-source extension that is designed to help developers to reload unpacked extensions, without having to go through the extension page. With a single click on the toolbar icon, an unpacked extension can be automatically reloaded. It is also possible to reload the extension using a browsing option. It offers useful customization options for those who have developed a Google Chrome extension.

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