Android Wear to get support for GPS, Bluetooth headsets and third party watch faces

Android Engineering director David Singleton stated that Android Wear will be getting some pretty huge updates that will include the support for GPS, Bluetooth headsets and third party watch faces. Though the GPS and Bluetooth support depends on the availability of the GPS hardware present in the device.

According to the director, both GPS and Bluetooth will enable more user interaction with the smartwatch running Android Wear instead of relying heavily on the device to perform different functions. For instance, a person can turn on the GPS on his smartwatch and can go on jogging. The smartwatch will note down the track and when the user gets back to home, he/she can sync the data with the apps on the mobile phone. Same goes for the Bluetooth headset support that will allow people to listen to music on the go without taking out the mobile every time they have to change a song or repeat etc.

The last update which will add support for multiple types of watch faces will allow developers to create their own UIs on top of Android Wear. This feature will allow users to personalize their smartwatch even more and also helps developers to put focus on things they want.

David Singleton explained these new features in an interview with CNET and explained how his team is working on improving the Android Wear and add more functionality to it. He said that he is already encouraged to see the work of some third party developers who have already found several ways of developing custom UI faces for smartwatches.

There is no timeframe given by Singleton on when the new updates will be coming to Android Wear but he said that multiple updates are due to come before the end of this year.

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