Apple granted patent for Virtual Reality headset for iPhone

Apple has been granted a patent for a VR device that works with an iPhone. The patent granted by the U.S patent and Trademark Office, describe details about a device that almost look like Samsung’s Gear VR.

Apple first filed the patent back in 2008 when there was no sign of virtual reality anywhere. This shows how much aware Apple is or was at that time about the potential of the virtual reality technology. Back then, no company thought about it except for Apple which considered the worth of such technology way before others did.

The patent details how the Apple VR headset will work and how it will use an iPhone as the base display for the VR headset. There’s a docking stand on the device in which iPhone can fit in to serve as the main display for the device. There is also an optional remote for the device to operate it. Having a remote to control the features of the VR headset means that Apple considers that having controls on the VR headset or controlling it via an iPhone app or input is difficult. Though there are few cases where it is mentioned that the device can have physical control buttons, switches and touch enabled gestures.

Both Samsung and Google have already released their VR headsets respectively – the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard but Apple hasn’t shown much interest in exploring the VR technology so far. In fact, Apple opted to go with a wrist watch as its first wearable product rather than an eyewear.

Besides the patent, Apple also holds some other key patents related to eyewear including head tracking and augmented reality patents.

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