Best Sites and Apps Like Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular app and site that allows users to share their interest through following categories. It is a perfect platform for marketing your products and content. With the app/site’s success similar platforms has been created for designers, photographers, food lovers, etc. Hence, if you are one of them and you looking for a site that provides similar experience and genre as Pinterest, then you came to the right place. Through this article, you will learn different sites and apps that are like Pinterest.

1. We Heart It

We Heart It is a site particularly aimed for teenagers. Its interface is chic and perfect for the youngsters and going to college girls. It is basic yet it provides a modern feel and experience. Through We Heart It, you will be able to follow others and love their pictures and content. Unfortunately, this site does not have the pinning or boards features that Pinterest has, but it comes with large number of collection, amazing community and easy layout.

This site supports iOS, Android and Web.

2. DudePins

Just as its name says, this site/app is the Pinterest for men. This actually has been made obvious with its homepage quip, “Discover everything that’s manly”. Its interface is simple, clean and easy to use. This site comes with more mature and classy content compared to another manly site called Gentlemint. If you are looking for a Pinterest for men, then this site is highly recommended for you.

This site supports Web and iOS.

3. PearlTrees

This site and app is similar to Pinterest in terms of its ability to share content. However, instead of using board and pinning your content, this site lets you use pearls and trees. In this site, you will be able to use different trees which you could add your valuable pearls on. You will also be able to follow others through this site. The only downside of PearlTrees is its feeling of outdated interface, but, if you aren’t bothered by that, then PearlTrees is a good option.

PearlTrees offers paid and free options and is available on Web, iOS, Android, Chrome and Firefox.

4. Dribbble

For those creative minds who are into designs and art, Dribbble is a perfect platform for you. It offers an interface that would make Pinterest users feel comfortable and familiar. Aside from that, Dribbble has tons of different and diverse features and designs for posters, graphics, web, logo and pixel art. Its members and community are also active artists.

Dribbble is available through Android, Web and iOS.

5. FoodGawker

Foodies, this site is for you. It comes with pictures of delicious food. The site is similar to Pinterest and its content will definitely make you crave and feel hungry. In it, you will see different dishes with recipes from different people around the world. Its contents are categorized through menus such as breakfast, dinner, starters, lunch, vegan and many more. This site is available on Web and iOS.

6. Hometalk

For mommies and individuals who are into decorating their homes, Hometalk is for you. It is a site which you could find numerous DIY home projects that are posted by different people from all over the world. In the site, you will be able to see sections on how to decorate your bedroom, dining room and many more. In addition to that, you will be able to find some tips on how to garden, decorate your kitchen, doors, floors, etc.

Hometalk is available on the Web.

7. Fancy

Just as its name indicates, this site/app caters items that are fancy, cool and unique. In the site, you will be able to find curated list of different unique and fancy products. Its interface is very similar to Pinterest and its products are categorized under home, art, gadgets, clothing and many more.

Through Fancy, you will be able to purchase goods directly from the site itself.

Fancy supports Android, iOS and Web.

8. Juxtapost

Nothing comes close to Pinterest but Juxtapost. This means, if you want a Pinterest-like site to use, then Juxtapost is the one that we highly recommend. It comes with rich and with wide range of collections. They also have lots of loyal communities just like Pinterest. The only downside of this site is it lacks modern designs but one will definitely love this site especially its private boards. Juxtapost is available on Web.

9. Everplaces

If you are a very organized person, then Everplaces could help you. It offers you a simple interface which could aid you in simplifying your traveling hassles. Each user could share their favorite restaurant, food, sight-seeing suggestions and even accommodations. On its homepage, you will be able to view and discover popular locations and important information about it. You will also be able to bookmark the places you would wish to see in the future.

Everplaces is available on Web and iOS.


Though Pinterest does have almost everything you would like to see, it does not cover everything especially the unique type of ideas. Hence, NOTCOT comes in and covers this gap. Through NOTCOT, you will be able to explore the world of unique ideas, designs and creations.

NOTCOT is available on Web.


There is a Pinterest for each and every individual and for every specific interest. You could find these in the mentioned sites and apps above. Explore and enjoy each and every site and its contents.

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