Best MTPuTTY Alternatives

MTPuTTY or multi-tabbed PuTTY is an excellent SSH client for Windows that fixes the main downside of standard PuTTY. Unlike PuTTY, MTPuTTY doesn’t require tha you open a new connection when you need to run a new copy of PuTTY. Thanks to its flexible interface, you can get an unlimited amount of PuTTY applications in the same tabbed GUI interface. This is very practical for programming as it allows you to use the SSH client without changing anything with PuTTY. You can open each window in MTPuTTY in a separate tab and the client also offers all the functionality and options that PuTTY protocols support. The interface is simple and it offers native smart code system and other advantages. While MPuTTY is free and it features automation system, if you want to know what else is out there, you can check the below alternatives that offer similar functionality.


Considered as one of the best SSH and telnet clients available, KiTTY is a fork of PuTTY that offers a wide selection of features including automatic password, URL hyperlinks, portability and ZModem integration. It is specifically designed for Microsoft Windows and it is worth considering due to the extensive list of options that it supports.


This terminal emulator for Cygwin and MSYS allows you to drag and drop text, files and folders and it also enables you to open files and URLs easily, using Ctrl + click. This free and open source solution also integrates a native Windows user interface and allows you to copy & pate data.


ConEmu was originally created to be used along with Far Manager. but nowadays it works with ant console application or GUI tools like PuTTY itself. This advanced console window lets you run any shell and it supports features like tabs for editors, viewers, panels and consoles, as well as hassle-free and easy window resizing.


This automation platform and scripting language for Windows and Windows Server is designed to make system management simple. It relies on .NET Fremwork and provides rich objects and an extensive set of integrated functions that allow you to manage Windows environments in a more efficient way.


This advanced SSH client and terminal emulator gives you access to a vast selection of features and emulations. It is effective and sleek, allowing you to connect to hosts and mainframes through a secure shell, serial cable, telnet and other options. When it comes to terminal emulators, ZOC is a comprehensive solution that offers many customization options, scripting language with hundreds of commands and more.


This SSH and telnet client is an open source solution that comes with source code. The project is developed by a team of volunteers and it supports network protocols such as Telnet and SSH, just to name a few. This free terminal emulator also supports serial console and network file transfer.


Cygwin works as a Linux distribution on Windows and it features an extensive selection of GNU and open source solutions. It allows you to run ports on POSIX systems like BSD, Linux and UNIX-based systems to Windows operating systems. Cygwin is also a DLL that supports POSIX API functions.


MobaXterm is a tabbed SSH client, enhanced terminal for Windows with X11 server and it is excellent for multiple types of network tools. It is a comprehensive solution that supports remote computing and integrates a large selection of functions suitable for programmers, webmasters and anyone who needs to work remotely.


Terminator allows multiple terminals in one window and its main purpose is to offer a practical solution to organize them. It is based on GNOME-multi-term, quadkonsole and other options that are mainly set to organize terminals in grids.

GNOME Terminal

As the name indicates, this is a terminal emulator for GNOME. It allows users to access UNIX shell from the graphical desktop. It is ideal for developers and it offers some of the features available from the xterm terminal emulator. It supports multiple files and a variety of options including URL detection, tabs, background and colored text.

Windows Command Prompt

Known also as cmd.exe or cmd, Windows Command Prompt is the default command running solution in Windows. It allows you to run different types of commands, including MS-DOS commands. You can complete several tasks without having to use the graphical interface. In essence, it is a command-line interpreter on Windows, Windows CE and more.


This Windows console and window enhancement solution offers useful features such as text editor, multiple tabs, a variety of background types and different window styles. The font can be configured and it also offers alpha and color key transparency.


ConsoleZ is a modified version of Console 2 and it aims to improve the users’s experience by offering additional features and enhanced visual rendering. You can split tabs into horizontal and vertical views. You can zoom with Ctrl-Mouse and set the opacity of the text background color.


FireCMD stands for Fire Command and it is an improved command line environment for Windows. It can simplify and enhance the way in which you interact with your computer with the help of a varied set of tools including snapshot grabber, text editor, UNIX for Windows and Console emulator.


Cmder that offers an appealing console emulator for Windows. It is portable and combines a variety of useful tools. Cmeder uses Monokai color scheme and custom layout. In addition, it features enhancements from Clink.


rxvt-unicode is a terminal emulator based on rxvt that can be customized to suit your needs. You can run clients within a single process so that you can reduce the amount of system resources in use. It can store text Unicode and also offers tabbed terminal support and daemon mode.


Previously known as 4NT, TCC/LE is a free Windows command shell that can be used instead of the CMD command line. It features a selection of powerful options that give users a better experience. It comes with 111 internal commands, 240 internal variables and functions, and much more.

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